Thursday, June 4, 2009

3 months TODAY!

(Sporting my little home boy outfit)

(Smiling at daddy)

(With his "best friend"...daddy)

My sweet little angel is officially 3 months old today...where has the time gone??? It seems like we were in the hospital preparing for him just yesterday! But here we are 3 months later with a little guy full of personality & curiousity!

What is Baby G doing these days???

  • He can raise up off of his boppy

  • He now has a strong neck & can hold up his head all by himself

  • He smiles 24/7

  • He loves attention and silly voices

  • He never sees a stranger

  • He's taking 6 1/2-7 oz. every 4 hours

  • We just started giving him a little bit of rice cereal on Tuesday

  • He isn't sleeping solid through the night yet, but he's almost there!

  • He loves to be cuddled

  • He's already in the habit of sleeping in bed with mommy and daddy in the mornings

  • He usually takes around 3 naps a day (morning, mid-day, and afternoon)

  • He is grasping things with his hand

  • He likes to "help" hold his bottle :o)

  • He weighs a little over 13 lbs. (probably closer to 14)

  • He loves being outside and looking at new things

  • He is a happy, sweet, healthy, growing little boy

  • AND we continue to fall more and more in love with him every SECOND!

I am still at work, but my kids will finish school tomorrow...I will finish next Wednesday. Gavin's cousins Tarina & Lakyya will be flying in tonight. It will be their first time meeting baby Gav! We are looking very forward to seeing them and I will be sure to post lots of pics! We've got one more week with Nana, Aunt Patty, Tarina, & Lakyya & will be very sad to see them go. But fortunately we will be making a trip to Kentucky at the end of July! We can't wait!!!!

(Our little fam)

Hope you enjoy his 3 month pics...we took them as soon as I got home from wrk today!


  1. beautiful little fam you got there!!!

  2. These pictures are adorable! I'm so shocked that little Gavin is already eating 6.5-7 ounces of formula! Story just started eating 6 ounces recently. And she's 16 weeks old!