Monday, October 26, 2009

And on this Farm, He Had a COW!

Only 5 more days til Halloween is officially here! And even better only 3 more days til Nana is here and she get's to spend Halloween with US!

Without further little Cow!

cow fave

hungry cow



It only seemed fit that he would be a cow his first Halloween, since his Papa has always been a cattle farmer (and I grew up around them). And anyone that knows me, knows that I want to feel as close to home as possible, hah!

Hope everyone has a fun and SAFE Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Taste of Fall

We've had a small taste of Fall weather here in Florida the last couple of days and we have ENJOYED it SO! Here's my little turkey enjoying being outside!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday's Best

That's right, Gavin got up this morning, ready for church! He put on his "Sunday's Best" and decided to do a little standing (against the wall) so that mommy could take his picture! Nelson and I were very proud of how well he did standing all by his big boy self.

It has been a nice weekend, nothing too eventful, but pleasant. However, the new few weekends are jam packed with fun! We have some cousins that will be visiting this coming weekend, a birthday party in Naples the following weekend, and then my favorite....Nana is coming to visit the next weekend. Yep...Nana will be here for Halloween!!! And boy am I excited to share the photos of Gavin in his very first Halloween costume!

Our church service the past couple of weeks has been titled "Unmasked" Pastor John asked how God had revealed (or unmasked) himself to us this week. And I must say, everyday when I look at my sweet boy, God really does reveal himself and the miracle of Life. Everything about Gavin...every last curl on his head all the way down to those chubby's all a miracle and I am so blessed to SEE it, LIVE it, and most importantly KNOW it. It's a nice thought to end this blog does God reveal himself to you???

Oh, the joy this child brings me!!! Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gavin's FiRsT TOOTH!

That's right...Gavin's first tooth broke through the gum TODAY! I won't lie, my sweety that is usually full of smiles and laughs has been quite the little monster the last couple of days. But, I knew this new cranky personality was all due to the fact that he has been teething. His bottom gums have been puffy for around a week I wasn't all that surprised when he grabbed my finger, put it in his mouth, bit down, and the gum was no longer smooth, but rough and hard from a sweet little toothy. I've been anticipating this milestone for some time now--- and to all of you mama's that have been as anxious as I have---I'll go ahead and tell you---the final arrival of the tooth is just as exciting as I hoped it would be! Mommy and Daddy are thrilled ;op .

So, I have a picture here, I cropped everything but his mouth out so that you can see the little stub. This was the best picture I could get of his mouth's new friend, but if you look can see.

There ya go sweet boy, at 7 months and 3 days, you became the proud new owner of a TOOTH! YIPPEE! Gavin's new baby cousin Keyerra Ruby was born! Welcome to the world sweet girl!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

7 and 27

That's right my baby boy is 7 months old today...and I will be 27 years old tomorrow! It's like too WOW's in one. I can't believe that my once newborn is now a 7 month or 196 days to be exact baby...and I am getting closer and closer to the big 3-0.

Not much has changed with Gavin since my last post. He is beginning to roll more and more everyday, making it much more difficult to change those diapers, he fights his night time sleep tooth and nail (but sleep always wins), still no teeth, but those gums are puffy and it should happen any day now. And of course, mommy and daddy love our little boy more 196 days in than we ever thought possible and I know that love will continue to grow and grow with every passing second.

We had a nice day in church this was Gav's first time of staying awake through the entire service and he did FANTASTIC! of my closest and oldest friends Tash came to visit with her husband Brant and daugher, Miss Brooke (who just happens to be the best dressed 4 year old I know!) We've had a nice day...talking, eating, and of course taking a few pics!

So happy 7 months baby boy and happy birthday to me, tomorrow!