Wednesday, November 24, 2010

20 Month Stats

Gav, we are way behind on posting your health statistics! Last Tuesday was your very first visit to your NEW Pedatrician, Dr. Barry. When we moved here, I was a little worried about changing Pediatricians, mainly because you visited Dr. Crum since birth. BUT, with that said, I was sooo very impressed with Dr. Barry!!! We love him already and know that he is definetly a KEEPER ;-). The fact that I have known him since I was around 8 may have a teensy weensy bit to do with that, but for the most part it was honestly because he looked you over so well, talked to us and informed us on so much, and you even reached for him! So, with that are your 20.5 month stats:

Length: 32.50 inches
Weight: 27lbs. 8.5 oz.
Head C: 19 inches

You received three vaccinations a few days ago:(. You screamed your little heart out for about 5 seconds, then you were just fine. You will be going back in 4-6weeks to receive your second round of the flu shot. Mommy and Daddy decided it was very important that you get the flu shot, since I'm a teacher and probably bring everything home. Unfortunately, since getting your shot, you've been sick, not sure if that has caused it...but you've had a runny nose, cough, and lots of sneezing. We have to force you to take your medicine, and just last night, during the whole procedure, you threw up. Yea, you're that difficult when it comes to medicine :(.

And lastly...the lengths you will go to to get the magnets off the fridge...the proof is in the picture :). You bring us so much joy little boy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye "TEEN" Months

That's right my big boy, you are now 20 months old...the teen months are long gone :). In just 4 short months you will 2 years old, oh my goodness, is that possible? Well no matter, you'll always be mi-mi's sweet boy.

You continue to be a little busy bee, always in to something, always on the go...just the way we like it! In honor of 20 months, let's do a 20 things about you (a little all over the place)!

1.) What you say most..."I nice". Yep, like you're always trying to convince us of just how "NICE" you are :). It's just precious when you say it.

2.) You aim to be like your say "bacca" (tobacco/baccer) and you try to spit in a bottle, the last impression I want paw-paw to make on you, but for now, we'll let that one slide with a grin.

3.)You never answer a question with a "Yes" it's always "Okay". Again another cuteness that makes you, YOU.

4.) As we speak, you are cramming pizza in...still that picky eater, chicken, pizza, toast, mac-n-cheese, and fruit. Notice there's no mention of veggies, I'm still praying you grow to love them!

5.) You know all of your animals and their sounds.

6.) We're still working on colors, so far everything is "yeyow" (yellow)

7.) You love to color, you color a few scribbles on each page, but you do enjoy it so!

8.) You continue to love balls of all types. Cars too...those are a newer thing. You also have 2 riding toys that you can be found on very often.

9.) You're sweet. You give "mmm-whaaa's" and hugs ABUNDANTLY! Especially when mi-mi and da-da bribe you for them ;).

10.) You don't miss a thing! Even when we think you're not paying are. (Note to self: Don't sneak Cheez-It crackers around dinner time, Gav will catch me and want crackers instead of dinner!)

11.) You love the outdoors. You run to the door and say "outside". I can't wait to see your expression when you see snow for the first time!

12.) You have an obsession with toothbrushes or "tee-tee's". Not sure why, but a tee-tee is one thing you will throw a temper tantrum over. Guess we're lucky they're cheap?

13.) You sleep in your crib well now. Bedtime can be anywhere from 9:00-10:30 and you usually sleep until around 8am.

14.) One nap a day, it can range from 1-3 hours.

15.) You are a climber! Well, you have been for sometime, but your newest thing is climbing out of your highchair...and forget about putting you in a cart when we're out shopping! You can squirm right out of them, seatbelt and all!

16.) When Handy Manny comes on in the mornings, you grab your set of "Handy Manny" tools and sit in front of the tv with your tools :).

17.) You try to feed your Mickey stuffed toy and you request that he wear a "Diapa" too (just like you!)

18.) The first thing you say in the morning when we come to get you out of your crib..."poop". It seems that poop means pee pee too, since you are referring to your wet diaper :). We're pretty sure that potty training is just around the corner.

19.) You are such a pleasure to sit back and watch. Always on the go, always playing with something, always smiling, always laughing, always learning.

20.) And in case you didn't already know, you are the best thing that has every happened to mommy and daddy. There really are no words to describe the happiness you bring us baby boy! We love you to the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky!

And one to grow on...(21)...You're the Boss :).