Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooks 2012

This year we let Gavin pick out his costume...we went to the store with all intentions of getting a cute, soft,dinosaur costume, but came out with this instead :). He insisted on it. He called it the skeleton costume, but kept linking up the idea of a skeleton with a pirate ship...a "pirate skeleton". At first, I was a little "iffy". But I think he turned out extra, EXTRA cute; and this little guy wore his mask the entire time we trick or treated!
We came across Gia's costume by accident. But it suited her so perfectly, as we often refer to her as Gia "bug". A ladybug is so fitting, right?
We went to the same park that we visited last year and again it was A HIT! All of the campers go all out with their decorations...we get to walk around the park the entire time and see all kinds of little "monsters" roaming around, and all in all it is great fun! Gav walked up to everyone with a quick "Trick or Treat" and a nice "Thank you" when the candy was placed in his bag. He was so darn adorable, I could have just eaten him up! And Gia was amazed with all of the decor, she would point and squeal at everything we passed.
I love being out with my family, it's the best. And the nice fall setting, jack-o-lanterns, and crisp air put the icing on the cake!
I think we'll go trick or treating again on Halloween night, but not so sure it will top this afternoon!
Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little Blessings

These two bring so much joy to me, the kind you feel way down DEEP in your heart...that absolute contentment. (Their dad very much gives me that same feeling) For that, I am so, so very the end of the day, if I never get any of the trivial desires of my heart, I have the most AMAZING, more than I deserve, little blessings in the entire world! And aren't they beautiful too?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DR Trip Pics, con'td.

I'm hoping I can get photos to upload today...yesterday, not so much :(. Sun-bathing. How cute is this little diva?
And this was typical Gia bug...when she wasn't on MY hip, haha!
With their great granparents :)
This is the cabin...and the beautiful setting we got to enjoy for days :)
Gavin loved jumping in the pool!
The guys at the clubhouse
Yay! For a couple family shots! :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

To the Carribean 2012

My husband reminded me that I haven't posted about our family vaca this year. I've given it thought, but sometimes the whole uploading pictures/giving details stuff just takes more time than I feel like putting in. But not today :). So, this year we spent our family vacation in the Dominican Republic. Miss Gia, it was your first time flying and your first time visiting another enjoyed both---for the most part :). We flew in to Punta Cana, to a lovely resort, where we met Nelson's parents, whom we hadn't seen in almost a year--you can only imagine how excited my love was to see his sweet parents. They also hadn't seen Giana since she was born and Gav since he was 2, so there was lots of excitement. Might I also add, that Nana and Papaw came with us on the trip which was just a bonus for us all! The resort was nothing short of beautiful, Gavin loved the pool, Giana was amazed with the beach (she loved the sand). The rooms were beautiful, the food good, the weather---aah, we had one day of sunshine (when we arrived) a couple days of clouds and rain, and of course our last day was the most perfect, haha. We spent lots of time relaxing, swimming, eating>> enjoying each other.
From the resort, we drove back to Santiago, where Abuela and Abuelo live. It was a nice LLLOOONNNGGG drive, on roads with drivers that gave my dad multiple mini-heart No, for real tho, he was mad by the time we got there, nerves shot. For those of you that know him well, you're not surprised. He was a good sport though.
We spent a couple nights at their beautiful home, where Abuela took such excellent care of us, she really outdid herself. We went to a family reunion. They had mass during the reunion. I would give you more details on that, but honestly, I couldn't understand a word! It was nice though and what a beautiful setting! It was all white, a nice touch :).
We also got to visit Nelson's grandparents. It was Giana's first time meeting them. I'm always so happy to get pictures with them, I know Gav and Gia will appreciate them someday. They really are a treasure. From there we went to the cabin. We were surprised with a new pool, which was just icing on the cake...cause we love to be in the pool and sunshine. The cabin was my parents fave spot, probably ours too (minus the beach---I'm a sucker for the beach). It's so relaxing, there's a river, mountains, perfect weather, you name it. The kids enjoyed the pool and the river. Gavin was in rock heaven at the river! It was so nice to walk in, listen to...God sure does know how to create beautiful, doesn't He! We stayed super busy on the trip, but we got to see and do everything that we wanted. My mom had a few things on her Domincan Republic trip bucket list---I think we checked them all off. Giana, I have to say, you were pretty much glued to my right hip the entire trip. I guess the change in your environment brought out the "clingy-ness" in you. You wanted no one, but me. Occasionally, you would allow me to pass you off, but that generally only lasted for around 5-10 minutes, haha. Dear hubs is already thinking about going back next year, wow. I'll post about our visit to see the fam in Naples next time. And for now I'll let the photo's do the rest of the speaking! *****Side note: Can't get any of the other pics to upload :(

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Her 1st BeeDay

8:30, both kids in bed...what's a mama to do? Blog. Perfect time to post about my sweet little gal's 1st birthday! Giana, we celebrated your first birthday with our family in Florida :). It was the first time many of them had met you and what nice things that had to say about our sweet girl! Your party was at a park that had a lovely water area that your brother just happened to adore ;). I promise we didn't have him in mind when we chose this location (wink, wink). You were content to stay within arms reach of me and walk around the pavilion area. Boy have you been a mommy's girl the past two weeks while on vacation! You have been permanently attached to my right hip and arm---and if you couldn't find you there, look down, you're wrapped around my legs! Lots of cousins attended your party and of course Aunt Lisa, Uncle Scott, Tia Martha, and Tio Jorge. They were special, you allowed them to hold you for at least 2 minutes without crying, haha. Your party was bumble bee themed, black, yellow, white, polka dots, etc. I could have spent lots of dough with this theme, but daddy dear brought me back to reality. HOWEVER, it turned out SUPER cute, the best for the BEST!
You enjoyed your smash cake, not quite like your brother did at his 1st, but girls can't just go shoving food in to their face at a public gathering, right? And you are quite the little lady. Emotional, sensitive, delicate. I can barely raise my voice with you and the tears start flowing---Gavin NEVER. This might be a good thing.
At 12 months: You have a whopping 8 teeth! 4 on top, 4 on bottom. Size 3 diaper, 4 shoe, 12 months clothes Around 16 oz. of milk per day, sippy cups only You can hold your sippy cup with ease and drink away You walk, almost run---you have had 2 months practice after all You wave bye, it's delayed sometimes, as in a couple minutes after the fact, haha Clap your hands and try to snap your fingers Turn on the music and you move! Bouncing up and down, what a dancer you are! You love to drop the coins in this piggy bank toy Aunt Lisa gave you, you fit them in to the slit of the piggy bank perfectly. I'm pretty proud. You sleep in your crib, but lately have been fighting it with tears. Cry it out has found it's way back to our household...hopefully not for long. You have the curliest hair...daddy and I tried to blow dry it straight one day (picture that!)...ain't happening. You. Love. Food. Period. You love your paci. You're my shadow, I'm still a little quick for you, but you're never far behind ;) You won't watch tv at all...complete opposite of your brother You give the MOST PRECIOUS'll lean forward, mouth open, press against mommy and daddy's lips, almost on demand. You've discovered how to climb up on the couch...not sure that's a good thing. You like to play in the water, but you enjoy the sand just as much or more. You still like to be rocked to sleep and I still like it too ;) The car continues to put you to sleep. When Gavin upsets you, you just scream...a great tip for mommy to look your way, haha You are one of a kind baby girl. Happy First Birthday, from the bottom of our hearts we give thanks for you and Love YOU Infinitely.

Friday, July 20, 2012

11 Month Baby

You are 11 months old now, just a few more weeks and you'll be 1. Crazy.
At 11 months You: * Walk like you've been doing it for years :) sometimes it's almost a run! * Have 4 bottles a day between 5-6 ounces. We've also started introducing whole milk. You do about 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole. * You only drink from an actual bottle for your morning and night time bottle, the other 2 are sippy cup. You seem to like the NUK Learner Cup. * Size 3 Diaper, 9-12 month clothes. You MAY weigh around 20-21 lbs. *maybe* * When asked for kisses, you are happy to share them>> you lean forward, mouth opened, sweetest thing! * You give high fives, multiple ones, it's never just one. :) * We're still working on, "Where's your nose?", to date, you've pointed once. Big moment though! * You laugh at your brother, you scream at your brother...really depends on how he is treating you at the moment. But you love him so! * You walk around the couch Rarely sitting & you always are carrying something...usually a ziplock bag, an empty water bottle, or ya never know, it could be a pair of Gavin's underwear that he's ripped off, lol! * You AND your brother follow mama EVERYWHERE I GO, like everywhere. Even when I need a moment's peace, I still love it. * You sleep in your crib at night, but absolutely detest taking naps in your just won't have it. So, I hold you and it's wonderful. * You eat anything and everything, let's hope this trend keeps on keeping on with you. And you prefer to feed yourself, it just tastes better that way ;). * You have the most beautiful little curls, they just stick up everywhere :) * So far, you have 3 teeth. 2 on bottom, 1 on top, but it appears that 1 more on top has broken through the gum and another top tooth is on it's way. * You love your paci, HAVE to have it. * You like the water and lately during baths you love to slap those hands and splash, splash, splash. * You still nap in the car easily. You really are a laid back baby, easily pleased and content. You are the sweetest little princess in our world, we love you so much and are so proud to call you ours! Happy 11 months baby girl!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day 2012

Happy Indenpendence Day! This is Giana's 1st 4th of July...we had a lovely day at the water park---Gavin was in water heaven! Nothing like quality time with the fam. Love both of you little firecrackers too pieces!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

She WALKS!!!! at 10 months!!!

Baby girl, you WALK! Not just steps here and there, like mobile, walking!!! And you're only 10 months old, just 7 days in to being 10 months old! WOW! Look at all these exclamation points I've used, haha. I don't know why I'm so surprised, because you've been attempting to walk for a while now, but it's official now. You're so tiny, but you have such wonderful balance.
Congrats baby girl, mommy and daddy are very proud of this huge milestone in such a petite little gal :). Love you sweetness, to the moon and back!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Month Gal

Only 2 more months and we hit the 1 Year Mark! Doesn't seem possible, but I'm already planning the first birthday of my SECOND child--sheeeesh! At 10 months, Gia, you: * Have 3 teeth! Your 3rd tooth actually broke through the gum on your 10 month exactly. It's a top tooth :) * Size 3 diaper * We've bumped you up to a 12 month in pj's because you're getting just a wee bit too long for your 9 month ones. * Clothing size anywhere from 9-12 months. Size 3 shoe. * You weigh just over 18 lbs. (assumption since your 9 month app.) * You took 17 steps today!!Just 10 months old, wow!!!...all by your sweet self!!! I suspect that you will be walking by 11 months...we shall see. * You have began to eat table food (feeding yourself). So far, you've had toast, biscuits and gravy, pasta, and cooked carrots. Mommy gets SO VERY nervous about letting you eat real food, choking is a fear of mine. So you get the teeny tiniest bites. * You love all the little snacks for babies, the puffs, yogurt drops, and wagon wheels. You really like to far. * You have the funniest little personality, much like your daddy. You're so serious. And when we tickle you, it's like you don't want us to see you laugh, lol. You stick your hands in your mouth and fight it, hah! You do have a temper from time to time, it's a little high pitch squeal (you get that from me!), and when brother makes you mad, you let us know FAST! But with that said, you are a real sweetheart too and you continue to only want your momma :). * You go to sleep between 8:30-9 and generally sleep til around 7ish, then you wake up and are ready to come cuddle in bed with us. We let you, mainly because I feel like you're only little once, and it's pretty sweet to get to cuddle you for a couple hours! * You attempt to give "high fives" you don't give just one, it's multiple fives, haha. You make the funniest little snorting noise, often, my wittle piggie. You have the most precious smile, it's huge, and you scrunch up your nose, aw precious! * So far, you still enjoy car rides, you sleep, and sleep some more. This will hopefully come in handy when we go on vaca. I hope the flight has the same effect on you. * Oh my goodness, you have THE curliest hair...if we let it air dry, it's ringlets, so cute! * You had your first trip to the lake a few days ago, you really enjoyed the water and your float. You kicked your little feet and had a good time :). We love you so very much baby girl and are so very blessed that God made you so perfectly for us!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo Overload

nothing new going on, just have some photo's of my lovelies to share :). so in love with these two sweethearts and very thankful to call them mine! love you both! (Gavin 3 years old, Giana 9 months old)
Couldn't you just eat them up???!!!