Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooks 2012

This year we let Gavin pick out his costume...we went to the store with all intentions of getting a cute, soft,dinosaur costume, but came out with this instead :). He insisted on it. He called it the skeleton costume, but kept linking up the idea of a skeleton with a pirate ship...a "pirate skeleton". At first, I was a little "iffy". But I think he turned out extra, EXTRA cute; and this little guy wore his mask the entire time we trick or treated!
We came across Gia's costume by accident. But it suited her so perfectly, as we often refer to her as Gia "bug". A ladybug is so fitting, right?
We went to the same park that we visited last year and again it was A HIT! All of the campers go all out with their decorations...we get to walk around the park the entire time and see all kinds of little "monsters" roaming around, and all in all it is great fun! Gav walked up to everyone with a quick "Trick or Treat" and a nice "Thank you" when the candy was placed in his bag. He was so darn adorable, I could have just eaten him up! And Gia was amazed with all of the decor, she would point and squeal at everything we passed.
I love being out with my family, it's the best. And the nice fall setting, jack-o-lanterns, and crisp air put the icing on the cake!
I think we'll go trick or treating again on Halloween night, but not so sure it will top this afternoon!
Happy Halloween!!!

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