Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the Making

That's right my sweet baby, you are a BIG BROTHER in the making!!! What does that mean exactly? It means, December 21st 2010, mommy took a pregnancy test and this was the result: Check out those sweet little brown as a biscuit hands :)

What an awesome Christmas Blessing from Above!

Mommy has had a very difficult time keeping this a secret, not only because I want to share the good news, but also because this time around...I began showing very early on! In my defense, I hear this is very normal.

So far, this pregnancy has been different. Mommy gets nauseous almost every day and it can last for a while. With you, I only got sick if I let myself get too hungry, this time around, it's just sporadic, it comes and goes, and generally the thought of food makes me feel even worse! I am however, just as tired as ever, I just can't sleep or rest nearly as much, because I have my precious toddler running around!

As silly as it sounds, I'm already planning and trying to figure out how I will distribute myself to 2 children! I'm soo very excited about this baby, but I don't want another child to take away any time from my first born. I know in reality, I won't be able to give every ounce of my attention to you, luckily this time around, we are surrounded by more family and friends, who will happily give baby boy plenty of attention!

We don't really have any gut feelings on what this baby is, we both agree that all that matters is that this baby is healthy. A baby brother would be awesome and a baby sister would be equally wonderful!

Here is our first trip to the doctor: I was 7 weeks in this photo

We heard Baby N's heartbeat: 153
And the determined due date: August 27th (This baby will be a planned csection, so the date will most likely change).

Appointment # 2, 11 Weeks Pregnant: Baby N's heartbeat 160
It is such a joy to hear the baby's heartbeat, it's just the most amazing sound and we even got to see the lil' sweety kicking and squirming. Thank you Jesus, we are at the 12 week mark today (!!!), February 15th, which means the first trimester is coming to a close. We continue to pray that baby N is growing and developing healthy and look forward to, but patiently await August when we meet our 2nd precious and blessing from God. Until then, we're just gonna soak up these sweet smiles!