Friday, December 31, 2010

Gavin in....2010! (Recap)


Exactly one year ago, today. Our little curly headed boy all ready to go out for New Year's Eve dinner. You still couldn't walk...seems like just yesterday and forever ago, all in one.


11 months old and I could just eat you up in this photo! I struggled to get a picture of you on this still weren't walking, but you could crawl with the best of em''ve been on the move constantly since you realized you were "mobile".

Happy 1st Birthday to YOU!!!
Your 1st Birthday Party at the Vineyards Park in Naples, FL. You loved the cake and had a great afternoon at the park :).
We took a family trip to Miami, where you enjoyed your first boat ride at Bayside.


We traveled to KY, where we spent Easter. You loved the nice spring weather and playing with your plastic eggs!


Enjoying the warm spring weather that Florida has to offer in love the pool and your monkey too!


15 months old and all BOY! You love sports, basketball, baseball, golf, football...and you're good at all of the above!


Our Family Vacation to Panama City Beach, FL. You love the beach, the ocean, the waves. You are definitely our little Beach Baby...and aren't you a cute one?!

Not one single picture sweet boy...we moved to KY and this was a BEYOND busy month!


18 months old. Living in KY, mommy's back at work, 1 picture this month, it has been a whirlwind around here!


The most adorable pirate I've ever seen!

A trip to the Dominican Republic to see Abuela and Abuelo.


20 months old. Handsome. Growing up way too fast. But always my baby.


We spent Christmas in Naples with family, so we opened presents a little later this year. You were so much fun to watch!!! You ripped the paper off like a pro and the next morning, you were asking for more "presents". Uh-oh...can we say a wee-bit-smidge-sprinkle-teensy-weensy-tiny spoiled??? Nah...never :).

And a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You Better Watch Out...You Better Not Cry...

You Better Not Pout, I'm Telling You Why.....Santa Claus is Coming to Town. And Gavin you are a SMART SMART boy, because you did nothing but SMILE, LAUGH, and warm Santa's soul! After standing in line for over an hour in the Fayette Mall, you and Santa were both very pleased to see one another. He would "Ho, Ho, Ho" and you would look at him and laugh your little heart out, which would then lead to him laughing...and this my sweet boy became a trend for the two of you--taking turns looking at eachother and laughing. I think it's pretty safe to say that there will be no coal in your stocking, I, however,knew this long before the Santa visit! You are such a friendly little really don't know a stranger (that's okay...for NOW).

Mommy and Daddy have completed our Christmas shopping, the presents are wrapped, BUT not under the tree, our little Curious George wants to rip the paper and find out what's inside. Mommy has explained to you the TRUE meaning of Christmas, but I'm pretty certain you're still too little to understand.

We've been getting lots of snow lately. Mommy bundled you up soo much that you could barely reminded me a lot of one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies (A Christmas Story). You were so eager to run out the door and play in the snow. You made it a few steps out, then BAAAM, you fell down, in the snow, FACE FIRST. This proceeded to happen several times. When your face was so rosey red that I was afraid you were going to get sick, mommy and daddy sent you back in with Nana. I promise we didn't sleigh ride, make snow angels, get pulled by Papaw in the rhino, and purposely fall off the sleigh just so we could roll around in the snow and act like KIDS! (It was your da-da's first snow, after all) Hopefully, we'll have a few more chances for you to join us this wonderful winter season!!! Not so sure daddy has that same hope, he's still very much adjusting to this weather! There's a good chance a trip to Naples, FL is in the near future...daddy needs to recharge his warmth and sunshine batteries...I think they may be a little low, hah!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

21 Months and a Gift from above :)

(Posted a day late)You are 21 months old today baby boy! And you've received a beautiful gift from God...SNOW! Yes, it is your VERY FIRST snow and you MORE than LOVE it! You have played until your cheeks and nose are rosey red! And when it was time to come inside to warm up you cried crocodile tears.

At 21 months...

you say a multitude of words and a few sentences

you drank a gallon of milk in 5 days (that's a LOT for you)

you wear 18-24 months in clothes

size 4 diaper, but you'll be on your way to a 5 soon

lately, you ask to go "nite, nite" you love playing in your crib

unfortunately, you're learning how to climb out of your crib, toddler bed will be in the works soon!

you still love that "paci"

you climb on the toilet and say "pee pee" and "poop" but you haven't actually done either act in the toilet yet, you are beginning to understand though :)

mommy and daddy bribe you for kisses and hugs all of the time and you will give them abundantly!

you are a very happy little boy, smiling and laughing all the time

you love to play hide and seek with mommy (we hide and chase e/o around the couch)

you love to use your handy manny tools to fix things around the house, anytime daddy gets out the hammer, you run and get yours as well

the Christmas tree has no ornaments around the're clearing them out one by one, we continue to hang them higher and higher.

you painted for the first time a few days ago and really enjoyed it.

on occasion you will sit through an entire book, but not as well as you once did, too much to do!

You can count to three, though you've never really said "one" if you're holding three objects you say "three" and if you're holding two objects you say "two". Mama's pretty proud of you for that :).

You know colors yellow, red, and blue. However, the colors you don't know, you refer to as "yeyow".

You love to dance, you jump up and down, and snap those fingers.

You're a little daredevil; you love jumping, crawling, and flipping off the couch, you also love to climb chairs.

Mi-mi and da-da have decided that we have lost motivation to get out and do anything that involves keeping us away from you too long. That includes work and overnight trips...unfortunately, the work thing, we have to do. Maybe someday we'll win the lottery, that way we can sit around and look at each other ALL DAY :).

Love you Gav, to the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky.