Sunday, May 31, 2009

These shoes are made for...nothing.


Okay, so Gavin can't walk yet, these shoes serve no purpose other than being ADORABLE! Friday evening, Gavin, myself, Nelson, Nana, and Aunt Patty went to Old Winter Garden for some eats and Gavin sported these lovely shoes for the first time. Yes, my baby is getting big...already wearing shoes! Usually I'm not really in to this look, but I could put a dress and bow on Gavin and I would think he looked nothing short of PERFECTO! So, I was very proud and excited to post pics of my baby G wearing shoes for the very first time...after all, this is yet another milestone ;o).

And shame on ME...he sported an adorable sailor outfit with a matching hat for church today and I failed to get one single picture! But I will be taking some of him in that outfit because it was so DARN CUTE! (Nana bought it for him!)

(relaxed Gavin)

And another milestone---Gavin just graduated from a level 1 Dr. Brown's nipple to a level 2! This is a big deal, because Gavin finished his bottle in about 10 minutes versus 20! WHOOPEE!!! He has also became a big fan of his rarely see him w/o a fist in his mouth...they're like his very own built in chew toy (that sounded like I was referring to him as a puppy, lol).

(Enjoying those hands by the pool!)

Last night, Gavin went to his first "adult" birthday party! Manu, a co-worker, celebrated her birthday at Margarittaville @ Universal City Walk, where we joined her for apps. A lot of the ladies I work with had never seen him, so he was the star of the party for the first 20 minutes or so, haha. He was a very good boy, no tears, no poops, no fussiness, just my little Angel that I always refer to him as.

That's all guys...until next time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial weekend!

(Cousins) I'm finally posting some pictures and a short & sweet blog from Memorial Weekend :o).

(Tali and her "cousin")

Our family (Nelson's side) arrived Friday night-LATE- we stayed up and chatted until about 1am, Gavin slept the entire time, so we took advantage of the "adult" time :o). The next day we hung out by the pool, grilled out, and we ladies did a small amount of shopping.

(a kiss for baby!)

Seeing all of the kids together was very...hmm...a good adjective would be heart warming. It made me feel like we were even more of a family when I got to see Gavin and his adorable cousins interacting with e/o. There were several times when Nadia reached for Gavin's hand and it was just precious! They're only 4 months apart so I hope that they are close someday. And sweet Tali kept saying "Can I say hi to my cousin?". Nicolas even gave him a kiss---a caught it on camera, the sweetest part is that he didn't even know anyone was watching.

(Already bonding)

Tio Jorge was afraid to hold baby Gavin at first, but now that Gavin's grown he's adapted well and he held him several times! Tia Martha doesn't have any babies of her own yet, but she get's all the baby time she needs (for now) from her nephews and nieces! She just adores them.

(Tia and Baby G)

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Scott are so busy with their own 3 that it's hard to give Gav tons of attention, but Aunt Lisa did share a few of her kisses with him :o)).

We hung out at home all day Sunday, watching tv, chatting...relaxing. AND NANA and Aunt Patty finally made it here!!! It only took Nana around 2 hours to finally share Gavin with Aunt Patty (and that's no joke!). She held him and talked to him for almost 2 hours before Aunt Patty got her turn, lol. It's so wonderful to have them here not only for help, but to just spent time with...and I have to say, I do enjoy seeing others make over this little guy who is now my world!

(Nana's new love)

What's new with baby G? He officially is in a size 2 diaper as of today!!! He wasn't in a size 1 very long at all. And honestly, he's grown in the past 3 days that I've been back to work. I come home and he just looks chunkier and bigger and I can't believe how fast it's happening! It makes me appreciate the fact that I get to stay home with him after I finish up this next week and a half of work. I am blessed to have that option---and it's all thanks to my hard working husband---thanks babe, I couldn't ask for more than everything you are---the BEST! Mmm hmmm....back to Gav ;o). He holds his head up, smiles almost 24/7, blows bubbles galore, loves story time, almost sleeps through the night, trys to crawl when he's on his tummy, continues to enjoy bath time, and takes 6 to 6 1/2oz. of formula every 4-5 hours. He loves being outside and is really beginning to soak up his surroundings, he's interested in everything, and loves to be entertained (especially by his silly ole nana and aunt patty!!!).

(Let the spoiling begin!)

Until next time fellow bloggers!

Love and Hugs,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to the Hustle and Grind!

Yes, today was my first day back to work after 12 weeks! I have no pictures to post right now, but if I would be a big SAD face--->>> I miss my baby! I've caught myself looking at his pictures all day and showing them to anyone who would give me their time, lol! I just miss my little angel so much & will be the first one out the door at 3:30!

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see my co-workers and my little kiddies, but my heart is back at home! And on top of that my mom and aunt are in and I want to spend time with them too! But it's like my mom said...if I didn't have to go back to work the next couple of weeks, she wouldn't even be here, so there ya go!

Work has went smoothly today for the most part. I'm still a little out of the routine and it seems somewhat hectic, but I've accomplished everything I hoped to today, so that's a big positive!

It's so funny...everyone that has seen me today has had to take a second look, they don't recognize me without my big ole' baby bump! And they have all been full of compliments :o). I still have 13 lbs. to go, but compared to the last time everyone saw me, I guess I do look somewhat better! I think I needed that though---I still get so discouraged when I go shopping and am not in the exact same size that I was in before. But I guess I doooo need to be a little more patient, Gavin won't be 3 months old until June 4th, so I shouldn't expect to be completely back to myself (I guess).

Anyway--that's all for today! Oh yea--Memorial Weekend was wonderful, I have pics and I'll blog about that next!

Mrs. Nolasco (lol) (for those of you who don't already know---I'm a Teacher)

Friday, May 22, 2009

My little "Italiano"

This is the name his daddy gave him in these photos! Just wanted to share! I'm in the process of learning how to use photoshop so that I can edit my pics, so bare with me guys!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doctors and Shots and Tears...OH MY!

Gavin's Dreadful Day...he doesn't look too thrilled here does he??!!!)
(Before we left for our appointment)

(His first set of bandaids)

Well, yesterday was the dreadful 2 month well check-up for Baby G...which means VACCINATIONS!!!!!! Gavin had to have 5 shots, 3 in his left leg and 2 in his right. I have been dreading this day for a while now, I'm almost certain that it was more painful for me than him!

(Waiting on Dr. Gilchrist and the Nurse)

I felt so bad for Gavin...he just layed there on the bed chewing his fists, staring at the dinosaurs on the wall, and was having a jolly ole' time with no clue what was to come! But let's start from the beginning....

First, he fell asleep as soon as we got to the dr.'s office, I thought this would lead to a fussy baby when they took his clothes and diaper off to weigh him, BUT, it DID NOT!!! Which is so sweet to me, I love that he was so laid back and GOOD. So the stats...he now weighs 13lbs. is 23 inches long, and his head is 15 1/2 inches. He was exactly 10 wks. and 5 days at this visit. His weight puts him in the 75th percentile and the Doc said he is "just above average" in heighth. He met all of his developmental milestones and is doing wonderful...praise GOD!

His next visit is at 4 months and I think we can expect some more shots :o((( .

(His battle wounds!)

On to the actual shots...I had to hold his arms down (which made me feel like a HORRIBLE mother) while the nurse poked his sweet fat legs. With the first shot, his face turned about 20 shades of red, his mouth was wide open...but no noise...the first shrill took a few seconds of straining (that was kinda funny looking back on it). And then with every shot more screams. However, as soon as she finished the last poke, he stopped crying and was okay---he fell asleep around 5 minutes later. How wonderful was he??? Such a brave and strong little boy...I was so proud of him! (I did give him infants tylenol, which I'm sure helped) So to reward my sweet baby for his behavior, I made sure that either Nelson or myself held him for the rest of the afternoon ;o). He was a little fussy after he woke up from his nap, but overall it went well.

***And---a little side note---we bought a new computer after the appointment and I LOVE IT!

We are counting down the days until Sunday, nana and auntie Patty are coming to visit us for 2 1/2 weeks and we are OH SO EXCITED!!!!!!! My mom hasn't seen Gav since he was 2 weeks old, so he is in for a treat...lots of SPOILING!

And this Friday, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Scott, Nicolas, Natalia, Nadia, Tio Jorge, and Tia Martha are coming for the weekend. We haven't seen them since Gavin was 4-5 weeks old. So look forward to lots of pics in the upcoming blogs!!!

Have a wonderful week mama's!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy's Day 09!

(Our First Mother's Day 2009)

(Kisses for my boy!)

(Gavin loves to be w/o clothes! )

Okay, I've been viewing everyone's Mother's Day now it's my turn! It has been a very relaxing and nice weekend in the Nolasco home. This entire weekend has been a big celebration of Mother's Day...and in my opinion we did it up nice! (Look out Father's Day!)

We began Saturday morning with a trip to the beach. We thought we would visit a new beach and I am so glad we did! We traveled 1 1/2 hours to Pine Island on the West Coast of Florida. It was beautiful! There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the water was clear and luke warm, and my sweet Gavin, well he was such a SWEET GAVIN! He really enjoyed lying under the umbrella on the beach. He just chewed on his hands and kicked his little feet (they never stop moving) and was wonderful! I got to get lots of sun and anytime Gavin did need anything, my dear sweet husband took care of it! (Except for the poopy diaper...we tag teamed that project, lol) After our day at the beach, we came home, had dinner out by the pool and continued our day of relaxation!

( My Inspiration...My Mommy--I am truly blessed with an amazing mother and friend)

What I received in the mail really put the icing on the cake that day...a beautiful Mother's Day letter from Gavin (aka NANA) and the necklace you see in this picture. It couldn't have been a more perfect gift---thank you so much Mommy, I will cherish the letter and necklace was so thoughtful and your time and effort is truly appreciated :o))). If only miss Nana could have delivered it in person (only 2 more weeks til you get here!!!).

(My necklace...isn't it beautiful???!!!!)

(The necklace again...with the letter in the background)

(The flowers and card from my honey pie)

And the weekend continues...Sunday morning I entered the kitchen to find a vase full of BEAUTIFUL Lilies and the sweetest of cards from the husband & Gavin. (Thank you so much honey, you're the best!) From there it was off to CHURCH! Yes, we attended again this week & we both enjoyed it so's an awesome feeling when you can look forward to church. After church, we headed home, fed baby G, then headed off to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Lunch was cheesecake here though (I've lost 2 more pounds this week! YAY! But still have a way to go). And this brings us up to the present...blogging away (while my angel sleeps).

(Enjoying being a MOM)

(Being lazy at it!)

I've posted several pictures today...this is not only for Gavin to look back on some day, but it's also for my mommy to enjoy. Here are lots of pics just for you mommy! I love you very much!

And I hope that all of you wonderful momma's out there have had a wonderful day celebrating what I feel is such a blessing and gift from God---being a Mommy! Here's to US!

(Below is the letter I was sent in the mail from Gavin (Nana)
This letter brought me so many smiles)

Mother’s Day 2009

Mom, I wanted to do something really special for you as this is my first Mother’s Day with you. I am so glad that while you were researching getting me the perfect bottle I happened to see an add about it being Mother’s Day. At first I kind of freaked out, I mean, you know, I don’t have a job, I can’t drive….What am I going to do?? Then I remembered what Dad and Papa said about Nana’s Purse. I got in touch with Nana and we worked out a deal. I really wanted for this first Mother’s Day gift from me to be something that I was able to get myself. I told Nana that I would visit during summers and Holiday’s and help her and Papa with anything that needed doing if she could pay for your first Mother’s Day Gift. I told Nana just how special you were and that even though she and Dad thought you worried too much about me, I happened to love the attention. The right bottle is important to me. Well, Nana thought I had a good ideal and told me she thought the responsible thing for me to do was to keep my end of the bargain and help her and Papa by being there for them. This is a win win situation. Mom, I know now how Dad feels about Abuela and I look forward to the many years ahead of being a Momma’s boy. Dad turned out well and I’m sure I will too. Let’s face it; a Mom is to be appreciated. I hope my little gift lets you know just how much I appreciate you.

Love, Gavin


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Worry, worry, worry...and worry a little more :oP!

AHHH!!! The darn news media is about to "wear" me out on this Swine Flu business! Gavin has been somewhat fussy the last few days--so I've found myself checking his temperature everyday for the last 3-4 days! And NO...I don't just check it once with one thermometer...I check his ears about 5 times on each side, then I pull out a different thermometer to place under his arm...and then there's the pacifier thermometer I have to use! Yes...3 different thermometers, everyday! Am I horrible or what????

Thank God, no fever. I would certainly go in to panic mode then! First I stressed over bottles, now I've moved on to the's always something, lol. Guess that's what comes with parenthood. Makes me feel bad for every single worry that I caused my parents. It all makes so much sense now---yea mom...I totally get it. And another "Thank God" for my husband, who keeps me sane and is always positive and worry free. I think we compliment e/o very well; he doesn't worry enough and I worry too much.

I also wanted to add a prayer request for a couple little boys that also have parents that blog...for any of you that read this, please remember these babies and family's; my heart really does ache for them. and

No pics this time around guys...I'm on my laptop and it has no memory left, so I can't upload pics on to this computer (sad face).

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet cheeks tries to Talk...

K, this video is a little dark (we were still in bed!) but Gavin was in a good mood and trying his best to talk to me, so I had to capture it and post! Please ignore the idiot talking in the background...that just happens to be the voice that Gavin responds to best...high pitched and goofy! I hope you can see his sweet face, he was full of smiles! I am amazed with everything he does...he's 8 weeks and 5 days old and he SOOOO wants to talk! Just precious :o))))!

I have the dream job...staying home and hanging out with this cool little guy all day! We have lots of fun!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Starting the morning off RIGHT!!!

I'm so glad to report that today my family and I FINALLY went to church!!! Unfortunately, I have no pictures to post because we were in such a rush to get out the door that there was no time for camera's...maybe next time! But most importantly we made it there on time...actually a little early and we really enjoyed it! We've already decided to go again next weekend. I just pray that we don't get lazy, let other things get in the way, or find excuses to miss, because I know sometimes that happens. After all, it is the first church that Nelson and I have been to (in Orlando) since we moved here...almost 2 years ago, horrible, I know!

And my little angel was just that in ANGEL, he slept the entire time, even through all that loud music! The trick is making sure that he has a full belly! Keep that baby full and he's happy! Anyway, I don't have much to blog about this time around. Just happy to have went to church this really does make your day better & I know our week will be as well.

Mother's Day is right around the corner, it's going to be the first for many of us Bloggers! Can't wait to experience it, blog about it, and hear about it from all of you! Until then mama's!