Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Worry, worry, worry...and worry a little more :oP!

AHHH!!! The darn news media is about to "wear" me out on this Swine Flu business! Gavin has been somewhat fussy the last few days--so I've found myself checking his temperature everyday for the last 3-4 days! And NO...I don't just check it once with one thermometer...I check his ears about 5 times on each side, then I pull out a different thermometer to place under his arm...and then there's the pacifier thermometer I have to use! Yes...3 different thermometers, everyday! Am I horrible or what????

Thank God, no fever. I would certainly go in to panic mode then! First I stressed over bottles, now I've moved on to the's always something, lol. Guess that's what comes with parenthood. Makes me feel bad for every single worry that I caused my parents. It all makes so much sense now---yea mom...I totally get it. And another "Thank God" for my husband, who keeps me sane and is always positive and worry free. I think we compliment e/o very well; he doesn't worry enough and I worry too much.

I also wanted to add a prayer request for a couple little boys that also have parents that blog...for any of you that read this, please remember these babies and family's; my heart really does ache for them. and

No pics this time around guys...I'm on my laptop and it has no memory left, so I can't upload pics on to this computer (sad face).


  1. lol you sound like me/a new mom.

  2. if it helps any I think the media has blown the swine flu wayyyyy out of proportion. You can never be concerned too much for your baby so way to go Lindsay! Just don't kill yourself worrying.