Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Babes

You really like to hide behind your cup these days...I can never get you to put it down for a picture...stubborn stubborn boy! ;))

Well Gavin, looks like you have to share your mommy and daddy with Giana, share you nana and papaw, abuela and abuelo, and now your BLOG. But my love, this is the quickest, easiest way for mama to jot down important things about both my it is what it is. (Doubtful that you care too much :) )

Today, Gavin and I went to the Public Library in a town nearby to a mommy and me sing-along. We were joined by our dear friends Lisa and Carter, Rachel and Isabella, Megan and Jackson. Let me tell ya little boy, I loved it as much as you did! You were very shy at first (you always are) but soon you came around and were very eager to give out hugs to your new buddies :). We sang our "ABC's", "The Wheels on the Bus", "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" etc. and you had the sweetest little smile. You got to enjoy other sweeties your age and mommy got to enjoy some adult time with my friends, perfect! Next time, your friends Tanner and Quinley need to join us, this is just what my friend Angel (their mommy) needs, I know this because we discuss it often!

You continue to be an excellent big brother, you love to rub sister's face and you can be found tell her "Giana, you so preeety" often. You can be a paci thief from time to time though, but in your defense you never steal it from your sister, because as hard as mommy tries, I'm not so sure little miss is going to take the!!!

As I write this, you are in your highchair eating an Oreo cookie, and guzzling the milk. I gave you cookies because I promise, you ate ALL your chicken....uuuhhh...yea, not so much. But because you eat so little these days, sometimes I'm known to just give you what you want and FORGET ABOUT IT!

Your favorite thing to do right now is play with cars. It's "cars" this and "cars" that. You're really in to the Disney Cars movie too (of course). You love to line your cars up, drive them around the couch, make them crash, etc. And you love your "Cow Tractor" (this also from the movie).

And now on to are 3 days shy of 6 weeks old! Can't believe I'm even typing that...seems like you should still be safely tucked away in mama's tummy. You are growing every day and beginning to get a little chubby! Tiny rolls are slowly appearing on you legs and your face is as round as can be! You are your daddy's mini-me, through and through. At first you looked a lot like me, but more and more each day, I see daddy in you (pretty precious). Gavin looks like mommy and Gia, daddy. Just perfect. And so very blessed.

(Giana) I still don't have you on a very good schedule yet. Still working on that, I won't lie, it's a big adjustment to go from 1 to 2. You nurse and take the bottle, which means I feel like I'm holding you most of the day :). Because I have to do both to satisfy your hunger needs, I am slowly trying to slack off on the nursing and switch to bottle only. I'm in no rush to stop nursing immediately, so it will be a slow process. You take naps in your crib much better than the play yard in mommy and daddy's room. Getting you to sleep at night (when we all go to bed) is the hardest part of the day. You just won't have it! Therefore, mommy (wimpy mommy) puts you in bed with us...which is a big NO NO, but I'm weak, real weak. The past two nights, you've been in bed with us ALL night! Yep, all 4 of us, piled in to a queen size bed...and honestly it's just BLISS! But we have to break this habit sooner rather than later. I promise to get a little more tough....SOON. You weak up every 2 or so hours to eat. You get a diaper change and a belly full, then go back to sleep. We try to lay around in bed until 8:30 or 9, then we start our day. You can still wear most newborn sized clothes. But many of your sleepers and gowns are 0-3 months and you wear those too. You are wearing size 1 diapers right now, but can still wear newborn...we just had so many size 1's that we bumped you on up and though they are a little big, they work well. You are a gassy little thing too!!! We just switched to Enfamil GentleEase which is suppose to help with gas and fussiness...we'll see how that works.

By just adding on 1 more baby, I feel as though I do laundry everyday to every other day now! And managing to keep the dishes clean is an all day task too! Being a stay-at-home mom is definetly a full time job>>>don't let anyone tell you otherwise! But it's a dream job at that.

Guess I've jabbered on and on enough, love you my babies! Awww, just love that I can now say the plural form of the word baby! And daddy loves you so much too!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

They Love sweeties

Giana you are 4 weeks old today! And Gavo...2 1/2. I love you both more than you'll ever know :) Thank you God for my babies!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

4 Week Weigh In...Giana

3 weeks, 5 days old

My forever moving/busy 2 1/2 year old!

This was my outfit as a baby...I'll try to find a pic of me in it :)

My sleeping sweeties

Today, Giana had her 4 week check up (she's just 2 days shy of 4 weeks...can you believe it?). Just like Gavin, Giana is seeing Dr. Barry (whom I recommend to anyone who doesn't already have a Pediatrician!). Everything looks great...Miss Giana, you are now 20 inches long (growing 1/2 an inch in the last 4 weeks) and you weigh 7.15 1/2 pounds. After reading previous blogs...I found that at 4 weeks Gavin weighed 9lbs...I just wanted to compare a little :).

You have passed your birth weight, but typically at 4 weeks your weight gain should be more. You weighed 7.4lbs at birth and 6.11lbs when you came home from the hospital. Because of this, Dr. Barry suggests that if I want to continue nursing...great...but I should also try supplementing after each feeding, since it also appears that Giana isn't completely satisfied. So, that's the plan. Right now, Giana is sleeping away, content as ever with only nursing. So, it's kinda a hit and miss thing. Sometimes she's happy, sometimes she needs more. In general, at night, it takes nursing and a bottle to really relax her for bedtime.

Daddy, myself, and Gavin went with you to your checkup, then mommy had some Orange Leaf frozen yogurt, and from there Mexican. Yes, mommy had dessert before lunch...and I'm the one trying to lose weight...go figure! Oh well, this dessert was fairly guilt free and a girl must treat herself from time to time!

And at this very moment...daddy is in bed sleeping, yes you heard me right...DADDY. Giana is in her crib sleeping, and Gavin boy has asked to visit Pat and Lowell for 2 days straight, so he, nana, and papaw are at the neighbors :), while mommy tries to blog a little and clean house A LITTLE.

Not much else going on...just wanted to document for Ms. Giana, just as I did with Gavo. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And then there were 2!

Here you both are just a few days sweet heartbeats.

(not sure why your pic is small?)
Just wanted to update a little. Your baby sister is here, has been for 3 1/2 weeks and you are an AWESOME big brother! You touch her face and say "Ahh, so preety". And you give kisses. You give the sweetest kisses. You say, "Don't cwy (cry) Giana" and when she does, you run to me screaming "BABY CWYING!!!" You have really impressed us, we were a little concerned with how you might deal with this life change, but what were we thinking??? You ARE the sweetest most precious little boy in the world (after all).

Tonight we sat down and watched The Lion King together. Me in the recliner, you in my lap, and Giana on my shoulder. It was a sweet moment and I'll treasure it. Our first movie together(Daddy is at work).

You are beginning to repeat things, which means daddy must FILTER what he watches on tv and allows you to hear. You talk fact, there are times when I have to tell you to stop talking! Only because you repeat yourself and you'll ask the same question over and over until I answer it the way YOU want me to, hah!

I have been a horrible blogger lately, I've got to begin including your sister in this blog, which means I will probably have to change the look of it and the're going to be sharing a lot from here on out sweetness...hope that's okay with you :).