Monday, July 26, 2010

2 weeks of Travel.... has been a 2 week whirlwind here. It began in KY and ended in Panama City Beach for a week long vacation with the family. Nels, Gav, Nana, Papa, and myself took a mini-trip to Pigeon Forge, TN and visited The Great Smokey Mountains. It was so beautiful, I've been many times before, but that mountain line never ceases to amaze me, God really is an artist, the world His canvas. I loved seeing Nelson's expressions, this was a first time visit for him. He was in aw. Literally. Gavin fell asleep, but someday we'll take him there again, and he'll appreciate it, just as we did. A few pictures from our Tennessee trip >>>

We enjoyed a relaxing week at Nana and Papa's house, then it was on to Panama City Beach with Nana, Papa, Aunt Mary, Aunt Kelly, and Steve. Unfortunately, I didn't get that many pictures. A 16 month old just doesn't allow you the time to stop and take a nice photo. Especially a 16 month old that has NO FEAR of the Great BIG Ocean. He would run in to the ocean as quick as he could, get knocked down by waves, tossed around by waves, even went under a few times...but did this stop him from running in to that ocean every single day for a repeat...NO, it did not :). Gavin loved all that the beach had to offer. The waves, the salt water, a diaper full of sand, all of it...even a nice nap on the beach each day! We went out for dinner at night, out to shops, and even to dog races. How quickly that week passed by.

Short post, very few details, I know...but did I mention that I have a little cuddlebug that wants nothing more than EVERY SINGLE OUNCE of MY Attention??? Yep...I'm lovin it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mama's Georgia Peach

With all the commotion of the holiday weekend...I forgot to mention one of the most important parts of the day---my little sweety turned 16 months old ON July 4th! In just 8 more months, it's the big 2! Yes, that may seem like forever to some of you...but to me, it will be here with the blink of an eye.

What are you up to at 16 months Gavo???? Well....

1.) You love the word "duck" and you say it perfectly, absolutely perfectly. You enjoy rubber ducks in your bath and more often than not, you'll have one of those ducks accompany you outside of your bath too!

2.) Your newest fave animal sounds is "baaa" and you can recognize a sheep immediately and when you do...I always here a big "baaa". You recognize many animals. But you're quick to announce the sheep and the duck.

3.) You LOVE to play with the computer mouse. Mommy couldn't count the times a day I have to say "no" or "stop" to you messing with the mouse. I'm guessing that's where you learned the lovely word "OP" that you yell at me from time to time. Unfortunately, when you yell "OP" at me...I can only turn my cheek and smile a little. It really tickles me that you say it with such force and you really believe that because you've said it...I must listen. :)

4.) You also love to run to your room and slam the door behind you. I get flash forwards of you as a teenager every time you do this. Also brings a lil' smile to mama's face. You bring a smile to my face always, daily, hourly, minutely, secondly.

5.) One thing that doesn't make me smile...are those nice little gifts I find swimming in the tub with you (wink). 2 different occasions now...I've left the room for maybe a minute, and returned to find you swimming with some new buddies. And boy oh boy, you have no problem splashing around in that mirky water...kicking, laughing, rolling...ahhhhhh, the life of a mommy :-)).

6.) You are known to throw a few tantrums here and there. Yep, our angel, throws himself on the floor, kicks, squeals, wines. Mommy and daddy find that ignoring you is the best thing to do...when you realize no one is watching you get up and go about your business.

7.) The newest thing mommy says to you on most days..."Gavin, you only get one head, you better take care of it!" Why do I say this??? You're constantly falling and bumping your head, throwing yourself back and bumping your's ALWAYS the head. In his case, Hair DOES NOT equal CUSHION...haha. It's fluffy and all, but doesn't make the fall any better.

8.) One of the quickest things to upset you...when daddy goes outside without you. If ANYONE goes out the door, you think you MUST go with them, or life as you know over.

9.) Your appetite has been awesome the last few days. You've had more of everything, more often, and you've even had a HAMBURGER on 2 different occasions. Now, that's impressive! You're also loving graham crackers...those are a new fave.

10.) Why the title??? (Mama's Georgia Peach) Well...we're traveling through Georgia right's 11:27 pm...and you're in the backseat...snoozing away. Mommy and daddy love the moon and back...more than all the stars in the sky. Sweetest of dreams to our baby boy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White, and Blue 2010

We've had a busy busy weekend and it has been so nice :-)! It began with a sleepover...Gavin's cousins Nicolas and Natalia had there very first nite away from home with us and we had a great time! Icecream, laughs, screaming (in a good way), Bambi...all that good stuff! On Friday, July 2nd, Gav's Aunt Lisa, Uncle Scott, and cousin Nadia joined in on the food and stayed with us through today! The sleepover gave me an idea of what it would be like to have 3 children and there are no complaints, I loved it! And another perk, you RARELY get to sit down for more that 2.5 seconds, which will hopefully help in working off all that baby weight that I would have, hah!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed out to Kelly Park, here in Florida. The most attractive part of this park is the natural spring it has flowing through it...the water is CRYSTAL CLEAR and so beautiful! We rented tubes and floated along the spring, splashed around, and had a fantastic time. The water is always the same temperature 72degrees not matter when you go. It was so nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful, natural spring that God created just perfectly (as He does with everything). Afterwards, we went out for dinner at a favorite authentic Italian Restaurant of mine and Nelson's...Caffe' Positanos, for a lovely dinner full of carbs!!!

Sunday, July 4th we took all the kids to Green Meadows Petting Farm in Kissimmee. The kids loved the animals, they got to pet them, hold them, and even take a Pony ride. The ONLY downfall to this trip was the torrential downpour that we endured...but we didn't let us stop us. We just soaked up that rain in our clothes and kept on moving! Gavin even played in the mud puddles and loved every second of it!!! I didn't get any pictures of that because I was afraid to get my camera wet, but I pulled it out when I could. We also got to take a train ride through the farm, which was very pleasant. We topped the day off with fireworks at St. Johns River, they were perfect, the music was perfect, I think we all felt very patriotic, thankful, blessed...grateful to be Americans. I was worried Gavin might be afraid of the fireworks, but he just sat back and watched them with amazement. We also visited with some friends of the family, Bill and Rhonda...who so graciously invited us up to their condo.

Today has been a day at home, relaxing, refueling for the week ahead. we come!!!!