Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DR Trip Pics, con'td.

I'm hoping I can get photos to upload today...yesterday, not so much :(. Sun-bathing. How cute is this little diva?
And this was typical Gia bug...when she wasn't on MY hip, haha!
With their great granparents :)
This is the cabin...and the beautiful setting we got to enjoy for days :)
Gavin loved jumping in the pool!
The guys at the clubhouse
Yay! For a couple family shots! :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

To the Carribean 2012

My husband reminded me that I haven't posted about our family vaca this year. I've given it thought, but sometimes the whole uploading pictures/giving details stuff just takes more time than I feel like putting in. But not today :). So, this year we spent our family vacation in the Dominican Republic. Miss Gia, it was your first time flying and your first time visiting another country...you enjoyed both---for the most part :). We flew in to Punta Cana, to a lovely resort, where we met Nelson's parents, whom we hadn't seen in almost a year--you can only imagine how excited my love was to see his sweet parents. They also hadn't seen Giana since she was born and Gav since he was 2, so there was lots of excitement. Might I also add, that Nana and Papaw came with us on the trip which was just a bonus for us all! The resort was nothing short of beautiful, Gavin loved the pool, Giana was amazed with the beach (she loved the sand). The rooms were beautiful, the food good, the weather---aah, we had one day of sunshine (when we arrived) a couple days of clouds and rain, and of course our last day was the most perfect, haha. We spent lots of time relaxing, swimming, eating>> enjoying each other.
From the resort, we drove back to Santiago, where Abuela and Abuelo live. It was a nice LLLOOONNNGGG drive, on roads with drivers that gave my dad multiple mini-heart attacks...lol. No, for real tho, he was mad by the time we got there, nerves shot. For those of you that know him well, you're not surprised. He was a good sport though.
We spent a couple nights at their beautiful home, where Abuela took such excellent care of us, she really outdid herself. We went to a family reunion. They had mass during the reunion. I would give you more details on that, but honestly, I couldn't understand a word! It was nice though and what a beautiful setting! It was all white, a nice touch :).
We also got to visit Nelson's grandparents. It was Giana's first time meeting them. I'm always so happy to get pictures with them, I know Gav and Gia will appreciate them someday. They really are a treasure. From there we went to the cabin. We were surprised with a new pool, which was just icing on the cake...cause we love to be in the pool and sunshine. The cabin was my parents fave spot, probably ours too (minus the beach---I'm a sucker for the beach). It's so relaxing, there's a river, mountains, perfect weather, you name it. The kids enjoyed the pool and the river. Gavin was in rock heaven at the river! It was so nice to walk in, listen to...God sure does know how to create beautiful, doesn't He! We stayed super busy on the trip, but we got to see and do everything that we wanted. My mom had a few things on her Domincan Republic trip bucket list---I think we checked them all off. Giana, I have to say, you were pretty much glued to my right hip the entire trip. I guess the change in your environment brought out the "clingy-ness" in you. You wanted no one, but me. Occasionally, you would allow me to pass you off, but that generally only lasted for around 5-10 minutes, haha. Dear hubs is already thinking about going back next year, wow. I'll post about our visit to see the fam in Naples next time. And for now I'll let the photo's do the rest of the speaking! *****Side note: Can't get any of the other pics to upload :(