Friday, December 31, 2010

Gavin in....2010! (Recap)


Exactly one year ago, today. Our little curly headed boy all ready to go out for New Year's Eve dinner. You still couldn't walk...seems like just yesterday and forever ago, all in one.


11 months old and I could just eat you up in this photo! I struggled to get a picture of you on this still weren't walking, but you could crawl with the best of em''ve been on the move constantly since you realized you were "mobile".

Happy 1st Birthday to YOU!!!
Your 1st Birthday Party at the Vineyards Park in Naples, FL. You loved the cake and had a great afternoon at the park :).
We took a family trip to Miami, where you enjoyed your first boat ride at Bayside.


We traveled to KY, where we spent Easter. You loved the nice spring weather and playing with your plastic eggs!


Enjoying the warm spring weather that Florida has to offer in love the pool and your monkey too!


15 months old and all BOY! You love sports, basketball, baseball, golf, football...and you're good at all of the above!


Our Family Vacation to Panama City Beach, FL. You love the beach, the ocean, the waves. You are definitely our little Beach Baby...and aren't you a cute one?!

Not one single picture sweet boy...we moved to KY and this was a BEYOND busy month!


18 months old. Living in KY, mommy's back at work, 1 picture this month, it has been a whirlwind around here!


The most adorable pirate I've ever seen!

A trip to the Dominican Republic to see Abuela and Abuelo.


20 months old. Handsome. Growing up way too fast. But always my baby.


We spent Christmas in Naples with family, so we opened presents a little later this year. You were so much fun to watch!!! You ripped the paper off like a pro and the next morning, you were asking for more "presents". Uh-oh...can we say a wee-bit-smidge-sprinkle-teensy-weensy-tiny spoiled??? Nah...never :).

And a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You Better Watch Out...You Better Not Cry...

You Better Not Pout, I'm Telling You Why.....Santa Claus is Coming to Town. And Gavin you are a SMART SMART boy, because you did nothing but SMILE, LAUGH, and warm Santa's soul! After standing in line for over an hour in the Fayette Mall, you and Santa were both very pleased to see one another. He would "Ho, Ho, Ho" and you would look at him and laugh your little heart out, which would then lead to him laughing...and this my sweet boy became a trend for the two of you--taking turns looking at eachother and laughing. I think it's pretty safe to say that there will be no coal in your stocking, I, however,knew this long before the Santa visit! You are such a friendly little really don't know a stranger (that's okay...for NOW).

Mommy and Daddy have completed our Christmas shopping, the presents are wrapped, BUT not under the tree, our little Curious George wants to rip the paper and find out what's inside. Mommy has explained to you the TRUE meaning of Christmas, but I'm pretty certain you're still too little to understand.

We've been getting lots of snow lately. Mommy bundled you up soo much that you could barely reminded me a lot of one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies (A Christmas Story). You were so eager to run out the door and play in the snow. You made it a few steps out, then BAAAM, you fell down, in the snow, FACE FIRST. This proceeded to happen several times. When your face was so rosey red that I was afraid you were going to get sick, mommy and daddy sent you back in with Nana. I promise we didn't sleigh ride, make snow angels, get pulled by Papaw in the rhino, and purposely fall off the sleigh just so we could roll around in the snow and act like KIDS! (It was your da-da's first snow, after all) Hopefully, we'll have a few more chances for you to join us this wonderful winter season!!! Not so sure daddy has that same hope, he's still very much adjusting to this weather! There's a good chance a trip to Naples, FL is in the near future...daddy needs to recharge his warmth and sunshine batteries...I think they may be a little low, hah!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

21 Months and a Gift from above :)

(Posted a day late)You are 21 months old today baby boy! And you've received a beautiful gift from God...SNOW! Yes, it is your VERY FIRST snow and you MORE than LOVE it! You have played until your cheeks and nose are rosey red! And when it was time to come inside to warm up you cried crocodile tears.

At 21 months...

you say a multitude of words and a few sentences

you drank a gallon of milk in 5 days (that's a LOT for you)

you wear 18-24 months in clothes

size 4 diaper, but you'll be on your way to a 5 soon

lately, you ask to go "nite, nite" you love playing in your crib

unfortunately, you're learning how to climb out of your crib, toddler bed will be in the works soon!

you still love that "paci"

you climb on the toilet and say "pee pee" and "poop" but you haven't actually done either act in the toilet yet, you are beginning to understand though :)

mommy and daddy bribe you for kisses and hugs all of the time and you will give them abundantly!

you are a very happy little boy, smiling and laughing all the time

you love to play hide and seek with mommy (we hide and chase e/o around the couch)

you love to use your handy manny tools to fix things around the house, anytime daddy gets out the hammer, you run and get yours as well

the Christmas tree has no ornaments around the're clearing them out one by one, we continue to hang them higher and higher.

you painted for the first time a few days ago and really enjoyed it.

on occasion you will sit through an entire book, but not as well as you once did, too much to do!

You can count to three, though you've never really said "one" if you're holding three objects you say "three" and if you're holding two objects you say "two". Mama's pretty proud of you for that :).

You know colors yellow, red, and blue. However, the colors you don't know, you refer to as "yeyow".

You love to dance, you jump up and down, and snap those fingers.

You're a little daredevil; you love jumping, crawling, and flipping off the couch, you also love to climb chairs.

Mi-mi and da-da have decided that we have lost motivation to get out and do anything that involves keeping us away from you too long. That includes work and overnight trips...unfortunately, the work thing, we have to do. Maybe someday we'll win the lottery, that way we can sit around and look at each other ALL DAY :).

Love you Gav, to the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

20 Month Stats

Gav, we are way behind on posting your health statistics! Last Tuesday was your very first visit to your NEW Pedatrician, Dr. Barry. When we moved here, I was a little worried about changing Pediatricians, mainly because you visited Dr. Crum since birth. BUT, with that said, I was sooo very impressed with Dr. Barry!!! We love him already and know that he is definetly a KEEPER ;-). The fact that I have known him since I was around 8 may have a teensy weensy bit to do with that, but for the most part it was honestly because he looked you over so well, talked to us and informed us on so much, and you even reached for him! So, with that are your 20.5 month stats:

Length: 32.50 inches
Weight: 27lbs. 8.5 oz.
Head C: 19 inches

You received three vaccinations a few days ago:(. You screamed your little heart out for about 5 seconds, then you were just fine. You will be going back in 4-6weeks to receive your second round of the flu shot. Mommy and Daddy decided it was very important that you get the flu shot, since I'm a teacher and probably bring everything home. Unfortunately, since getting your shot, you've been sick, not sure if that has caused it...but you've had a runny nose, cough, and lots of sneezing. We have to force you to take your medicine, and just last night, during the whole procedure, you threw up. Yea, you're that difficult when it comes to medicine :(.

And lastly...the lengths you will go to to get the magnets off the fridge...the proof is in the picture :). You bring us so much joy little boy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye "TEEN" Months

That's right my big boy, you are now 20 months old...the teen months are long gone :). In just 4 short months you will 2 years old, oh my goodness, is that possible? Well no matter, you'll always be mi-mi's sweet boy.

You continue to be a little busy bee, always in to something, always on the go...just the way we like it! In honor of 20 months, let's do a 20 things about you (a little all over the place)!

1.) What you say most..."I nice". Yep, like you're always trying to convince us of just how "NICE" you are :). It's just precious when you say it.

2.) You aim to be like your say "bacca" (tobacco/baccer) and you try to spit in a bottle, the last impression I want paw-paw to make on you, but for now, we'll let that one slide with a grin.

3.)You never answer a question with a "Yes" it's always "Okay". Again another cuteness that makes you, YOU.

4.) As we speak, you are cramming pizza in...still that picky eater, chicken, pizza, toast, mac-n-cheese, and fruit. Notice there's no mention of veggies, I'm still praying you grow to love them!

5.) You know all of your animals and their sounds.

6.) We're still working on colors, so far everything is "yeyow" (yellow)

7.) You love to color, you color a few scribbles on each page, but you do enjoy it so!

8.) You continue to love balls of all types. Cars too...those are a newer thing. You also have 2 riding toys that you can be found on very often.

9.) You're sweet. You give "mmm-whaaa's" and hugs ABUNDANTLY! Especially when mi-mi and da-da bribe you for them ;).

10.) You don't miss a thing! Even when we think you're not paying are. (Note to self: Don't sneak Cheez-It crackers around dinner time, Gav will catch me and want crackers instead of dinner!)

11.) You love the outdoors. You run to the door and say "outside". I can't wait to see your expression when you see snow for the first time!

12.) You have an obsession with toothbrushes or "tee-tee's". Not sure why, but a tee-tee is one thing you will throw a temper tantrum over. Guess we're lucky they're cheap?

13.) You sleep in your crib well now. Bedtime can be anywhere from 9:00-10:30 and you usually sleep until around 8am.

14.) One nap a day, it can range from 1-3 hours.

15.) You are a climber! Well, you have been for sometime, but your newest thing is climbing out of your highchair...and forget about putting you in a cart when we're out shopping! You can squirm right out of them, seatbelt and all!

16.) When Handy Manny comes on in the mornings, you grab your set of "Handy Manny" tools and sit in front of the tv with your tools :).

17.) You try to feed your Mickey stuffed toy and you request that he wear a "Diapa" too (just like you!)

18.) The first thing you say in the morning when we come to get you out of your crib..."poop". It seems that poop means pee pee too, since you are referring to your wet diaper :). We're pretty sure that potty training is just around the corner.

19.) You are such a pleasure to sit back and watch. Always on the go, always playing with something, always smiling, always laughing, always learning.

20.) And in case you didn't already know, you are the best thing that has every happened to mommy and daddy. There really are no words to describe the happiness you bring us baby boy! We love you to the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky!

And one to grow on...(21)...You're the Boss :).

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aaarrrhhh!!! Happy Halloween 10'

So, last year you were a sweet little cow & this year you are a scarewee piwate!!!

Your costume is a smidge big, so it was CRAZY hard to get a picture of you with everything in place...hince the shadow on your face. Mommy & Daddy are very excited to take you trick or treating in KY this year, I hope it's as much fun for you as it is us, hah!

And I had to share your first pumpkin, you didn't participate all that much in the carving, but you were quick to notice "MICKEY!!!". I think the picture is proof that you're pretty fond of it. Mommy, Daddy, and Papaw worked pretty hard on this project, so it's nice to see that you're pleased.

Happy Halloween All! Mommy and Daddy love you little pirate!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Here We Go Again!

It seems that it gets longer and longer between each blog update, but Gavin, I know you would much rather get to spend some quality time with your "mi-mi" than stare at my back as I type :). With that said, it was a must to post because it's been nearly a month! And a busy month at that!

Gavin, last week was your second trip to visit the Dominican are quite the little traveler! We spent an entire week with your abuelo and abuela and you had an amazing time! You visited their new cabin (which is actually more like a house), you spent the night with them while mi-mi and daddy went to a resort, and you visited with lots of family members.

I must say, your favorite part of the trip was definitely being at the cabin. It's in the mountains, just off of the river, and best of all, you ran around without your diaper most days ;-). You refer to any body of water as the "pool" and it was just adorable when you would look at the river, with a rushing current, anxious to jump in and play, because, hey mom, it's just a "pool"...nothing dangerous could happen! And that you did, of course daddy and abuelo where there to hold your hand.

Speaking of someone to be there to hold your one point, you really did JUMP in the POOL (the real pool) when no one was right there to catch you! Let's just say, your mama has never swam so fast!!! That moment explains you perfectly, you aren't afraid of anything and you love to explore. But, it's really not your fault that you don't realize danger, someones always there to catch you...and let's hope it's always that way!

Abuela says you are a little angel and that she thinks she may need to trade in your abuelo for you...he brings her stress and you relax her, hehe...she's only kidding though!

Nana and Pawpaw missed you terribly while we where gone, I don't know that I've ever seen my mom so excited and filled with joy as she was when she saw you come through the door.

While in DR, mommy celebrated my 28th birthday...your sweet daddy took me to a beautiful resort, Iberostar, in Puerto Plata to celebrate. It was almost like being on our honeymoon again, except this time around, all we talked about was YOU! Yep, one night away from our sweet boy was PLENTY!

And guess what's just around the corner...HALLOWEEN! We picked up your costume on Sunday and YOU LOOK ADORABLE in it!!! We'll leave it a surprise for now, but just before Halloween, there will be a blog to show just how precious you are!

Until next time!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Billboard Baby!!!

As you all must know, I'm very excited to say that Mr. Gavin is on his very first BILLBOARD!!! I found out a few days ago that Hart Photography would be advertising their studio using one of his pictures and as soon as it was up we made a trip to Corbin to see it! The photo is a little blurry because it was dark outside, but I'm sure I'll get better ones later :).

Gavin, you are loving Kentucky life! You play outside, you scream for the cows, you ride the rhino and fourwheeler, everything FUN and DIRTY that there is to do...YOU DO!

Your sleep is much better now too. You go to bed around 8:45-9:00 and you sleep all the way until 8:00-8:30 the next morning! A well rested baby is a happy baby, and that You Are. It also makes for a happy mommy & daddy!

This post is all over the place, but I wanted to note just a few of the words you say and how you say them :)

milk- "nulk"
mommy- "mimi"
papa- "paw-paw"
banana- "nay"
when you're hungry- "bite-bite" or "num-num"

And here are a few pictures of you in the process of saying "cheese" to the camera>>

Also some pictures of you at the Jackson County Parade (your 18 month birthday)