Wednesday, November 24, 2010

20 Month Stats

Gav, we are way behind on posting your health statistics! Last Tuesday was your very first visit to your NEW Pedatrician, Dr. Barry. When we moved here, I was a little worried about changing Pediatricians, mainly because you visited Dr. Crum since birth. BUT, with that said, I was sooo very impressed with Dr. Barry!!! We love him already and know that he is definetly a KEEPER ;-). The fact that I have known him since I was around 8 may have a teensy weensy bit to do with that, but for the most part it was honestly because he looked you over so well, talked to us and informed us on so much, and you even reached for him! So, with that are your 20.5 month stats:

Length: 32.50 inches
Weight: 27lbs. 8.5 oz.
Head C: 19 inches

You received three vaccinations a few days ago:(. You screamed your little heart out for about 5 seconds, then you were just fine. You will be going back in 4-6weeks to receive your second round of the flu shot. Mommy and Daddy decided it was very important that you get the flu shot, since I'm a teacher and probably bring everything home. Unfortunately, since getting your shot, you've been sick, not sure if that has caused it...but you've had a runny nose, cough, and lots of sneezing. We have to force you to take your medicine, and just last night, during the whole procedure, you threw up. Yea, you're that difficult when it comes to medicine :(.

And lastly...the lengths you will go to to get the magnets off the fridge...the proof is in the picture :). You bring us so much joy little boy.

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  1. That balancing little boy reminds me of Story Jade, constantly climbing and learning to balance.