Saturday, August 25, 2012

Her 1st BeeDay

8:30, both kids in bed...what's a mama to do? Blog. Perfect time to post about my sweet little gal's 1st birthday! Giana, we celebrated your first birthday with our family in Florida :). It was the first time many of them had met you and what nice things that had to say about our sweet girl! Your party was at a park that had a lovely water area that your brother just happened to adore ;). I promise we didn't have him in mind when we chose this location (wink, wink). You were content to stay within arms reach of me and walk around the pavilion area. Boy have you been a mommy's girl the past two weeks while on vacation! You have been permanently attached to my right hip and arm---and if you couldn't find you there, look down, you're wrapped around my legs! Lots of cousins attended your party and of course Aunt Lisa, Uncle Scott, Tia Martha, and Tio Jorge. They were special, you allowed them to hold you for at least 2 minutes without crying, haha. Your party was bumble bee themed, black, yellow, white, polka dots, etc. I could have spent lots of dough with this theme, but daddy dear brought me back to reality. HOWEVER, it turned out SUPER cute, the best for the BEST!
You enjoyed your smash cake, not quite like your brother did at his 1st, but girls can't just go shoving food in to their face at a public gathering, right? And you are quite the little lady. Emotional, sensitive, delicate. I can barely raise my voice with you and the tears start flowing---Gavin NEVER. This might be a good thing.
At 12 months: You have a whopping 8 teeth! 4 on top, 4 on bottom. Size 3 diaper, 4 shoe, 12 months clothes Around 16 oz. of milk per day, sippy cups only You can hold your sippy cup with ease and drink away You walk, almost run---you have had 2 months practice after all You wave bye, it's delayed sometimes, as in a couple minutes after the fact, haha Clap your hands and try to snap your fingers Turn on the music and you move! Bouncing up and down, what a dancer you are! You love to drop the coins in this piggy bank toy Aunt Lisa gave you, you fit them in to the slit of the piggy bank perfectly. I'm pretty proud. You sleep in your crib, but lately have been fighting it with tears. Cry it out has found it's way back to our household...hopefully not for long. You have the curliest hair...daddy and I tried to blow dry it straight one day (picture that!)...ain't happening. You. Love. Food. Period. You love your paci. You're my shadow, I'm still a little quick for you, but you're never far behind ;) You won't watch tv at all...complete opposite of your brother You give the MOST PRECIOUS'll lean forward, mouth open, press against mommy and daddy's lips, almost on demand. You've discovered how to climb up on the couch...not sure that's a good thing. You like to play in the water, but you enjoy the sand just as much or more. You still like to be rocked to sleep and I still like it too ;) The car continues to put you to sleep. When Gavin upsets you, you just scream...a great tip for mommy to look your way, haha You are one of a kind baby girl. Happy First Birthday, from the bottom of our hearts we give thanks for you and Love YOU Infinitely.