Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Can you believe that Thanksgiving has already passed? How time does fly! We spent our Thanksgiving in Naples this year and we had a wonderful time. Lots of food, laughter, food, food, and more food. Did I mention how much my sister-n-law loves to eat and serve other's food? ;o)

Gavin enjoyed cousin time...he happens to love his older cousin Nicolas. I'm beginning to wonder if he realizes that Nicolas is a boy just like him. The weather was really nice, low 70's, which is wonderful for Naples--so Gavin got to go for a ride with his cousins, Nicolas and Natalia, in their cool Hummer! It was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen, don't you agree?

Thanksgiving 09 063

Thanksgiving 09 066

Thanksgiving 09 064

Normally, Gavin is afraid of his cousin Nadia, who is just a few months older than him, but he did much better on this visit. He loves bathtime so much, that he was willing to enjoy it with Nadia. This was yet another cute moment, that I just had to capture.

Thanksgiving 09 092

Here is our first Thanksgiving family photo...I am so blessed.

Thanksgiving 09 058

Thanksgiving 09 036
Thanksgiving 09 040
And now it's time to let the Christmas celebrating begin!!! And guess what else???? Gavin will be a big, whopping 9 months old in just a few short days!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Football Sunday

Had to share this video...while I was in the kitchen cleaning, I overheard lots of laughter and came in the office to see my two fave boys playing with the football and had to video. How thankful am I for these two?!?!

Friday, November 20, 2009


K, this blog is way late! But after spending 2 wks in KY, getting home, etc. it has taken me a while to feel like posting :o( . But I'm renewed now!

So here are a few pics of Gav on Halloween Day...he pooped out pretty early on when we went treck or treating, but that's okay, he was still the cutest cow on the block! We took Gavin to downtown Winter Garden for his first Halloween. The entire street was blocked off, there was a band, lots of booths, and many many little trick-or-treaters! We had a great time.

The very next day, November 1st, Nelson ran his very first 5K race. He has been saying for some time now that he wanted to run a race for Gav (how sweet!) so he signed up for his first in Clermont, FL at the Citrus Tower. He did very well, came in first place in his division! YAY for Daddy! Gavin, nana, and myself where there to cheer him on!

We are spending Thanksgiving with family in Naples this year. I have soooo very much to be thankful for and will be sure to blog about our Thanksgiving trip to Naples and all my many blessings.

And to wrap things up...a BIG GRANDE Milestone...just as I was sitting here typing this blog------DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>> Gavin pulled up for the very first time!!! WHOOP WHOOP! And then to my surprise he DID IT AGAIN! I'm so proud of my big boy!

And now off to enjoy our first family Christmas movie nite of the season. I'm excited!

Monday, November 9, 2009

8 Months.

Okay...just a little behind on getting the 8 month post up. My baby was officially 8 months old this past Wednesday, November 4th. Gavin got to celebrate his 8 month in Kentucky (which we are very happy about!) so I've not been on top of my blog.

I've also been waiting because my cousin, Kelly took Gavin's 8 month pictures and I wanted to post those on here. She did a fantastic job---she had several beautiful pics and these were the 3 she sent me. If you want to check out her website it is: They are located in Corbin, KY, love what they do, and want to do lots of it (for any of you who are in need of some new photos!).

Gavin at 8 months:

* His crawling is getting better by the hour! If he sees something he wants he can really move!

* That sweet personality continues to shine through--he has had nothing but smiles to offer to all of his family he has spent time with this week.

* He is fond of grass and leaves and desperately tries to eat them if you leave him unattended on the ground :o).

* He is reaching now...if he wants you, he'll stretch out those sweet arms (which just so happens to make me melt when he reaches for me).

* He is drinking 4 bottles a day and sometimes has 3 jars of baby food a day (banana is his fave).

* His fine motor skills are improving...he can pick up a puff, put it in his mouth, and smack his jaws until it's all gone!

* He holds his sippy cup all by himself.

* As sweet as he is...he can throw a mini-fit when you take him out of his bath.

* He has a small fear of babies (hehe) he usually cries when children 3 years and younger get ANYWHERE near him!

* He is officially in a size 12 months now! (Weighing around 22lbs.)

* He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (I usually turn it on for about 10 mins. in the a.m.)

* Since becoming a crawler...he has learned the word "NO" and what it means.

* He has graduated to a big boy carseat! We kissed his infant carseat goodbye just before heading to KY.

I'm behind on my posting, but when I return to FL I will be posting about Gavin's daddy's 5K race (that he won in his division!) and Gavin's Halloween experience.