Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Can you believe that Thanksgiving has already passed? How time does fly! We spent our Thanksgiving in Naples this year and we had a wonderful time. Lots of food, laughter, food, food, and more food. Did I mention how much my sister-n-law loves to eat and serve other's food? ;o)

Gavin enjoyed cousin time...he happens to love his older cousin Nicolas. I'm beginning to wonder if he realizes that Nicolas is a boy just like him. The weather was really nice, low 70's, which is wonderful for Naples--so Gavin got to go for a ride with his cousins, Nicolas and Natalia, in their cool Hummer! It was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen, don't you agree?

Thanksgiving 09 063

Thanksgiving 09 066

Thanksgiving 09 064

Normally, Gavin is afraid of his cousin Nadia, who is just a few months older than him, but he did much better on this visit. He loves bathtime so much, that he was willing to enjoy it with Nadia. This was yet another cute moment, that I just had to capture.

Thanksgiving 09 092

Here is our first Thanksgiving family photo...I am so blessed.

Thanksgiving 09 058

Thanksgiving 09 036
Thanksgiving 09 040
And now it's time to let the Christmas celebrating begin!!! And guess what else???? Gavin will be a big, whopping 9 months old in just a few short days!


  1. Yes, you are blessed indeed!! Love the new blog look, love that you somehow should be a photographer because you take AWESOME pics and love that little Hummer car thing!!

    Happy Thanksgiving~I will try to call you tommorow. Gotta go to work now and I will be dead when I get home tonight. love ya!!

  2. Ohhhh my goodness. What a darling, he is. I can't believe how long his hair is getting!