Friday, November 20, 2009


K, this blog is way late! But after spending 2 wks in KY, getting home, etc. it has taken me a while to feel like posting :o( . But I'm renewed now!

So here are a few pics of Gav on Halloween Day...he pooped out pretty early on when we went treck or treating, but that's okay, he was still the cutest cow on the block! We took Gavin to downtown Winter Garden for his first Halloween. The entire street was blocked off, there was a band, lots of booths, and many many little trick-or-treaters! We had a great time.

The very next day, November 1st, Nelson ran his very first 5K race. He has been saying for some time now that he wanted to run a race for Gav (how sweet!) so he signed up for his first in Clermont, FL at the Citrus Tower. He did very well, came in first place in his division! YAY for Daddy! Gavin, nana, and myself where there to cheer him on!

We are spending Thanksgiving with family in Naples this year. I have soooo very much to be thankful for and will be sure to blog about our Thanksgiving trip to Naples and all my many blessings.

And to wrap things up...a BIG GRANDE Milestone...just as I was sitting here typing this blog------DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>> Gavin pulled up for the very first time!!! WHOOP WHOOP! And then to my surprise he DID IT AGAIN! I'm so proud of my big boy!

And now off to enjoy our first family Christmas movie nite of the season. I'm excited!


  1. Gavin is the sweetest thing. Story wants to meet her future husband!!!

  2. I agree, waay overdue! haha I've been checking your blog everyday but I knew you had been busy in KY! Gavin's sweet face is identical to yours in that last picture! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Gavin is so cute. I think Story and Gavin will make an excellent couple. LOL.