Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yep, you know what that means! Baby Girl, you said your first word!!! Now as much as I know that you adore me :)...this confirmed your love for daddy, hah. You now officially say "Da-Da"! You said it for the first time yesterday (1-23-12) during tummy time. You stick your little tongue to the side of your mouth and kinda poke it out and say "da-da" over and over. It's too cute!

You're just waking from your nap now...I hear that little whine that is distinctly yours....guess I'll end this post now! Gotta go rescue my sweety from her crib :).

Friday, January 20, 2012

Spiderman :)

Gavin, today you say your are spiderman...I'm not sure what this means to you, because I'm not sure that you've ever seen anything spiderman. But, with that said, you notice things that sometimes I don't even catch on to you. And you remember everything!!! So, there's a possibility that you've seen some preview or some Spiderman toy and for whatever reasons, it has stuck with you.

So today, Spiderman, I took your pictures. Your baby sis is 5 months old today and as I was taking her photo's, you made it very clear that you wanted yours taken as well. And honestly my son, when I look at you, I find it hard to believe that something so beautiful could be mine! You and your sister are mine (well, ours) and it just amazes me. Blessed beyond measure, that's the only way to explain it.

Gavin, you are 2 months shy of being 3 years old. We talk about your birthday often...what kind of party you want, what toys you want, etc. Most days you want a party at those "bouncy fings". So more than likely that's what you'll get, cause mommy and daddy are all about pleasing our babies (on their special day!).

Right now you are 100% a "Cars" man. Disney Pixar Cars or Cars 2. You play with your cars all day long, sound effects and all...so you will be getting a Cars themed party. I'll leave everything else as a surprise for you birthday blog.

Also at 3, daddy says you're going to start sleeping in your room. Yea, uh-huh...we'll see how that one goes ;). And I'm going to try to get you some kind of small table of your very own to eat at, etc. I think you've been in the old faithful high-chair long enough. PLUS, Giana will be needing it soon enough.

We love you sweet boy...I mean SPIDERMAN! More than we could ever explain!

5 months!

Giana Carson, you are 5 months old today :)! Such a big little bitty, hah! Mommy took some pictures of you this morning, my main struggle was keeping you from chewing on your hand and spitting up! Yep, honey, you spit up lots AND often! But it doesn't seem to phase you, so you would spit up, I would clean you, and we would keep on keeping on!

Not too many changes since I last blogged, since you were only 2 weeks shy of 5 months old at that point. Except since then, you have tried different foods! So far, you've had banana's, sweet potatoes, and peas. And to be honest, you haven't been IN LOVE with any of them! I thought you would love the banana's...they seem to be mediocre to you. The sweet potatoes may have been your fave...and the peas, well hey, I don't expect miracles, they are after all, PEAS, period. But you did eat them and we continue to offer you these things in hopes that one day you will just fall in love with all the wonderful world of FOOD has to offer!

These last few mornings when you wake up all squirmy, I've been putting you in bed with me. I know, I know, that's a big NO NO. But I'm very aware of you and I just love that cuddle time. Honestly, every few minutes you pop out your paci and I have to put it back in, so I'm not in a deep sleep. It's just nice to feel you in my arms and to rest my head near yours. And when you wake up, you're all smiley and trying to talk. You also love to grab mommy's face and give me kisses. You are 100% a mamma's girl, through and through! And I LOVE IT!

You are napping in your crib right now. That's also a special bonding time for us, just before you slip off in to dreamland. I always rock you and sing you songs. And through the singing and rocking, I sit and feel so blessed to have you in my arms. You (and your brother) really are my world. I don't know how else to explain it. There aren't words for the way you two make me feel. Sometimes I think my heart will literally just burst!

You are beginning to sit up somewhat. More of the "tripod" sit, where you hold yourself up with your arms. You roll over, but most times you get frustrated with tummy time and just throw your face down and cry. I don't make you suffer long, those little tears are the quickest way to get what you want, hah!

You continue to love your jumperoo and most times when I'm holding you, you're still in that jumping action. It's a great work our for mommy's arms :). You like your swing, you don't love it. But when mommy and brother shower, we drag your swing in to the bathroom and you are content to stay in it while we get showered and ready.

So, happy 5 months sweet pea. We love you more and more by the second! You are perfection in our eyes, beautiful, sweet, smart, dainty, just precious!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giana Carson...4 month checkup

Giana you had your 4 month checkup yesterday, the 10th. You're actually 10 days shy of 5 months, but this just happened to be when your 4 mo. checkup was scheduled.

Stats for you sweet girl:

Weight- 13.6lbs
Height- 24.5 inches
Head C- 16 inches

You are growing everyday sweetness!

You had to have the dreadful vaccines yesterday. I always feel so sad and bad, because you wake up smiling, you go in to the doctor smiling, you simply have NO idea what is to come :(. I let daddy stand with you yesterday while it happened. It just saddened me waaay to much. But I came to the rescue as soon as the tears began. I wrapped you up and cuddled you until you stopped crying that most pitiful cry.

All in all your checkup went very well. We even had a little debate while we were in there....ear's pierced or no ear's pierced, lol. We didn't pierce them just yet, because that would have been too hard on you (or ME) to do it to you yesterday. But I guess at some point we will, because for some odd reason, it is your DAD that wants you to get them pierced so badly!!! And since they now pierce them at the doctor's office and use earrings that are made of medical plastic, I think I will most likely cave and have it done within the next couple of months. It will look so darling on you!

What are you doing these days Gia bug???

You sleep all night! From around 10am to 6:30-7:00 am. You take a bottle then go back to sleep until around 9am. Yes ma'am we get some nice sleep around here!

You roll from front to back. Some days you're okay with tummy time, some days not so much. But you hold your head up perfectly. Strong baby girl!

You take 6oz. every 3 hours and have one bowl of oatmeal everyday. Getting ready to introduce some different baby foods very soon (EXCITING!!!).

You wear a size 1-2 diaper, mainly 3-6 month clothing, but still some 0-3months.

You spit up a little more than I would like for you too. We change your clothes often for this reason. But it doesn't seem to phase you at all, that's the good part.

I often tell you I should have named you "Juliana" and called you "Julie". Why? So I could call you "Druly Julie!" you can soak a bib with slobber in no time flat, lol!

You LOVE to chew on your hands and NOW your feet too! It's precious to see you rolled up in a little ball with your feet at your mouth.

You like to keep your hands on the bottle when I feed you. I think you'll be holding your bottle before you know it! Your sweet brother always just laid back and let me do all the work, but you are gonna be a helper. :)

You like to blow bubbles and make sweet little noises with your mouth. And you also like to squeal and coo. I do, however, think you are a little more quiet than Gav was. But I honestly believe it's because he makes so much noise now, that you are completely entertained by him, so you don't say that much.

You LOVE your jumperoo and it's the most precious thing to watch you jumping in it! You'll sit in there for around an hour at a time, which is a big help to momma!

You take two good naps a day. One in the morning for up to 2 hours. And one in the afternoon for about the same amount of time. Sometimes you take catnaps in between the bigger ones.

I always rock you to sleep and sing to you for your morning nap and it puts you out every time. You nap in your crib, but still sleep in your playyard in our room at night.

I love to hold you, to rock you, to cuddle you, to kiss you. I usually have a hard time putting you down. You're just so cuddly right now and such a blessing from above! My cup truly runneth over with you, your brother, and your daddy. And I thank God daily for choosing all of you to be mine.

You are sweet. Just so solemn and sweet. Laid back, a VERY VERY GOOD baby. You rarely cry. Only when you're hungry or sleepy, but usually not even then. You get a little fussy, I give you what you need, and no tears :).

You watch and observe everything, taking it all in. You love to have someone near you, they don't have to hold you, or even talk to you. As long as you can see me, daddy, Gav, nana, or papaw...you are content.

We love you soo very much our sweet little flower. Don't know what our world would be like without you in it. You (and your brother) are BAR NONE the most amazing, awesome, wonderful thing that have ever happened to us! We love you too the moon and back baby girl...more than all the stars in the sky! Our beautiful, smart little princess, so thankful that you are a part of our family!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Precious Mommy"

Gavin, I just have to share what a sweet phase you are going through right now. As I sit here typing this blog...you are behind me, in the floor, flipping through mommy and daddy's wedding album. You start with "Once upon a time" and every time you see a photo of me, you say "Precious mommy"! When you finish the album, you say, "The end." You did this same thing yesterday. You were looking at mommy and daddy's engagement pictures, you would say, "Precious mommy goes to the beach". And this is 100% your personality right now, IN LOVE with ME! Not to brag, but it's true.

You will never spend the night with nana and papaw, because "I sleep with mommy". We have this thing we do now :)...I say "I love you Gav" and you say either, "I love you MORE" or "I love you MOST". How darn sweet is that? I mean really? You melt your momma's heart time and time again. I love love love having a little boy. (I obviously am beyond in love with my sweet girl too)But there's something so special about a boy. Maybe because I'm female and it's a completely different world for me, but whatever it is, Gavin David, you have my heart in the palm of your hand, now and forever!

And my sweet girlie is waking from a short nap. And guess what! Giana Carson you are 20 weeks old today! And you too, hold my heart in the palm of your hand, my sweet! You have your 4 month check up on Tuesday...stats later :).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

lil' princess 19 weeks

Me oh my!!! How time flies!!!!

Giana Carson you are already 19 weeks old!!! Seriously!!! A few pictures I snapped quickly while brother napped...of your dollbaby self!!! We love you baby girl! In fact, you can often find your brother saying "I want two more Giana's" lol!