Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Precious Mommy"

Gavin, I just have to share what a sweet phase you are going through right now. As I sit here typing this are behind me, in the floor, flipping through mommy and daddy's wedding album. You start with "Once upon a time" and every time you see a photo of me, you say "Precious mommy"! When you finish the album, you say, "The end." You did this same thing yesterday. You were looking at mommy and daddy's engagement pictures, you would say, "Precious mommy goes to the beach". And this is 100% your personality right now, IN LOVE with ME! Not to brag, but it's true.

You will never spend the night with nana and papaw, because "I sleep with mommy". We have this thing we do now :)...I say "I love you Gav" and you say either, "I love you MORE" or "I love you MOST". How darn sweet is that? I mean really? You melt your momma's heart time and time again. I love love love having a little boy. (I obviously am beyond in love with my sweet girl too)But there's something so special about a boy. Maybe because I'm female and it's a completely different world for me, but whatever it is, Gavin David, you have my heart in the palm of your hand, now and forever!

And my sweet girlie is waking from a short nap. And guess what! Giana Carson you are 20 weeks old today! And you too, hold my heart in the palm of your hand, my sweet! You have your 4 month check up on Tuesday...stats later :).

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