Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Big Things :) and lots of Pics!

(Check out Gavin's face, hah!)

Just a couple things I want to take note of....

Gavin David, last night, you slept without your diaper for the first time...and guess what?! No accidents! You have been potty trained for almost 2 months now, but we always put on diapers for nap and bedtime...not anymore though!!! Such a big boy! Mommy loves you...sooo much!

Giana Carson, you had your first real food on Dec. 27th at 4 months old, you had oatmeal! The first day you didn't get much in your mouth (completely expected), day two we went a bit thicker, and by day three you ate it all!!! You still push some of the cereal out with your tongue, but if I get it in there just right, you swallow and do well. baby is already eating from a spoon. But I have to say, I am excited to introduce new foods to you, I hope you love them all!

And a few pictures...since I couldn't get them to work on the last post...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas

I'm taking advantage of this quick chance to blog, because Gavin is currently ripping all things Tupperware out of my cabinet and Giana is in dreamland :).

We had our Christmas with our family today. Nelson has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so Gavin and Giana, you sweeties received a visit from Santa a little early...isn't he a sweetheart for doing that for us?! Nelson wanted to be able to enjoy watching Gavin and Gia open their Santa gifts and relax with them all day, so that's just what we did.

The night before Santa came, Gavin and I wrote Santa a letter and baked Christmas cookies. It was pretty special...I must say! We sat out the cookies and letter, cleaned up the toys in the floor so Santa wouldn't trip, and watched a Christmas movie (Rudolph) before slipping in to dreamland.

"Christmas" morning, we all walked in to the family room together, where Christmas music was playing, the tree was lit, and to our surprise we had a visit from Santa himself!!!!

Gavin, you got a Mack truck (all that you've talked about for months!), a new bike, Cars 2 DVD, Shark Tales, Bambi, Monster's Inc., a Cars 2 puzzle mat for your room, and some new cars. You were beyond happy with everything and have played your heart out all day. However, you just walked up to me a few minutes ago and said "I want more toys". Ahh, kids these days...never happy! for long!

Giana, it's your very first Christmas, princess! You got a new dolly, a glow worm, and a little toy car thingy ;). You obviously didn't understand what was going on...but we couldn't leave out our little bitty. But, you are happy to chew on your new things!

We had an excellent breakfast, thanks to Nana, and a super dinner thanks to Nels and myself. And to top it off...I made the BOMB cake...Tres Leche Cake (it's Spanish) and AMAZING!!!!!!!! The diet was out the door today!

I didn't take many pictures, because I didn't really have any free hands, but I DID get a few and we videoed everything, unfortunately after trying to upload them 2 different times without any luck, I'm posting with no photos :(

And one more very special thing to take note of today...GIANA, you are 4 months old baby girl! You haven't changed as far as what's going on, since my last post, except that get MORE BEAUTIFUL everyday...and I love you MORE everyday! You did your first laugh out loud cackle last night...I missed it :(. It was when you were with Daddy, Nana, and Gavin. Papaw and I were out shopping. But I hear it was the most precious thing ever. You have your 4 month check up January 10th, so I'll be sure to update all your stats then.

Oh, how blessed and thankful and grateful and humbled and in love and content and happy and at peace I am with my beautiful babies, husband, family in general.

A quick share, we went to our church Christmas program on Sunday night. It was amazing. Probably the best program I've been to, I guess...Ever? And besides the fantastic music, short skits, and reading of the Christmas story, what made it so special...I truly felt the most amazing Peace, it was 100% spiritual, and only something you can feel from God. If only we could feel that way all the time, we might just explode with happiness and contentment. I am so thankful to know God, to love God, and most importantly to be Loved BY God, even when I'm undeserving. May we all feel His presence this Christmas Season, it's the most precious gift of all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Until I have more time...

Okay...just a quick, brief update on the going on's around here lately---( and if I have several typo's I blame it on my phone, I'm blogging from my phone).

Gavin you are 3 months shy of 3 years old! I seriously can't believe that I am a mommy to an almost 3 year old. You are stubborn, demanding, clever, smart, impatient, active, handsome, beautiful, the most precious little boy in mommy and daddy's entire world---and we wouldn't change a thing about you!! Even in your more difficult moments :) . You say the sweetest things and the smartest things daily. I wake up to "I wuv jew mommy" and I go to sleep to "I wuv jew mommy" those are the sweetest words I could ever hear! You are such a blessing, one I thank God for every single day! So some stats really quick: you weigh a little over 32lbs. You wear a size 3T, an 8 shoe, and you have THE MOST adorable tush in your boxer briefs, hah! You still eat the same foods and you love chocolate (that's what you always say). You're so playful and you don't miss a thing. Life would be very dull and boring without my sweet boy!

And little bitty-Giana. You're not so bitty anymore, 13lbs at 16 weeks! You are such.a.sweetheart. Just the most angelic demeanor, just like your brother at this age. I swear the two of you are like twins a few years apart! You coo, jabber, drool, smile (a lot!), suck on your hands, drool some more and adore being talked too or sung too. In fact, if no one is near you or talking to you, you are quick to let us know that you're not happy about it! And you still adore your brother and the feeling is mutual.

You wear some 0-3 months still, but you're mainly a 3-6 month now. We just switched you to a size 2 diaper, mainly because we bought s super size box and didn't want to chance you growing out of the 1, that you actually could still wear. You drink 5oz. Every 3 hours, and you sleep through the night! Woohoo! You take 2 long naps a day, one in the morning, and one in The afternoon. You take catnaps in between. You are so beautiful and perfect and everything and more that I could have dreamed of. I also thank God every single day for blessing me with you! I am so thankful that God chose me to be your and Gavins mommy!

I'm going to try to upload pictures, not sure how that will turn out though.
I'll try

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Give Thanks 2011

Another Thanksgiving, with so many blessings. I have to say, I have to be most thankful for God this year. He chose me to be the mother of my precious children, He chose me to be the wife of my best friend and husband, and He chose me to be the daughter of my wonderful parents. He has blessed me beyond compare, so among all the things I am soooo very grateful for, I have to give it to Him, first.

With that said, Giana, it's your first Thanksgiving! I am so very blessed to enjoy this holiday with both of my turkey's this year. Gavin and Giana, you both amaze me every single day! I look at you guys and sometimes, I can't believe you're actually mine! I couldn't have chosen two more perfect children if I had hand picked you myself :). Thank you God for these two, you are my heart beat!

I am also so thankful to be married to my best friend. And I mean that, Nelson is truly my very best friend. I'm just happy knowing he's in the room with me, even if we aren't acknowledging each's contentment for me. He's that missing something I always felt in my heart, thank God, I no longer feel that. I am so blessed to have my sweet husband...our relationship was 100% brought together by God, we were states apart, but meant to be!

And for my dear sweet parents! They do so much for us and I'm so grateful for that. But even if they never lifted a finger for me again, I don't love them for their help, but for the parents they are...loving, caring, kindhearted, and strong...the best. I couldn't have hand picked two better parents absolute blessing.

I leave you with a few pictures of our day...a day of thanks!

Last, but not least, are 14 weeks old today! WOW! What a big girl you are becoming so quickly! We love you princess!

Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Months

Aren't my titles so catchy these days, lol? I think between two babies under 3, I've lost some creativity!

Giana, our princess, you are 3 months old! Somehow time has passed so quickly, but in another way, I feel like you've always been here!

Since I just posted your 12 week update, I won't make this long, no big changes. You have worked your way up to 4 ounces of milk every 3 hours and sometimes at night you'll take 5. :)

Yesterday, on your 3 month birthday, you went to your first church service. Everyone stopped to talk to you and compliment you :) You were the most adorable, edible little thing there! You were an angel (as I knew you would be) during the service. You slept through music that was so loud I was afraid it would do damage to your ears, hah! And you had your bottle and you kept your you were excellent! And so was your big bro! He went to children's church for around 10 minutes, but was ready to join us soon after. >
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We love you baby girl, to the moon and back...more than all the stars in the sky! You are so very precious to us, a most awesome blessing from God.

**And on a side ARE a MAMA's girl! Your beautiful little eyes just light up when you see me...I'm wrapped forever!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's official!!!.......

Gavin David, you are POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been diaper free (except for nap time and bed time) for 2 or more weeks! WWHHOOP WHHOOP! I am so proud of my little boy, potty training has been one of the more difficult feats we had to conquer...mainly because when I was trying to potty train you this past summer, you just weren't ready yet! This time around, you have made it a breeze, praise GOD! One day, I just asked you..."Gavin, do you want to wear your diaper or big boy underwear today?" you answered "underwear" and we have been good since :))).

You use a training potty, I keep it in the room with us, where you do all your playing. At first, every time you went pee pee you got an M-M, and for poo poo you got a reece cup (bite size). This worked wonderfully! Now you go to the potty all by yourself, you don't even tell us you need to, you go, sit, and do your business, then tell us after you've finished.

Great job sweet boy, you have made mommy so happy and proud (and daddy too!)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 weeks :)

Miss Giana, you are 12 weeks old today (11-12-11)!!! And we can't imagine what life was like without you, of course we felt that way as soon as we laid eyes on you!

You are such a sweet baby, laid back, relaxed, content :). You have grown so much already and your hair is beginning to get thicker too. Everyone thinks you look just like your big brother, except you sport the bows. And you wear them well my sweet, you're absolutely beautiful and that smile, oh it melts my heart every time.

You continue to drink Nutramigen formula, which has made a huge difference in how you feel, thank God we figured that out early on. You take 3 1/2 ounces every 3 hours, 4 ounces at night before bed, and 4 ounces the ONE time you wake up at night :). Your brother definitely drank more milk than you, but you refuse to take more than that small amount, your growing, your happy, so I'm trying not to stress to much.

You wear a size 1 diaper, 0-3 month clothes, and weigh a little over 11 lbs.

You are very much like Gavin in that, in the mornings when you wake up your are so smiley and happy! And you love to coo and try to talk, especially when mommy sings to you. I think you are trying to chime in. Your two fave songs are the ABC song (it was Gav's fave too) and Jesus Loves Me. Those get you singing every time!

You've been rolling over from your belly to your back for weeks now, but sometimes you just enjoy being on your tummy. You raise that tiny head of yours up like a pro...I think you're going to be an early crawler.

You love to observe're eyes follow the action...which is usually your brother! With that said....

You adore your brother, you love to watch him, and his voice calms you when you cry. And he loves you too! If you even start to cry, he tells me "Giana cry" and then wants me to pick you up. And he can't wait until you are big enough to play with him...just yesterday he wanted you to build with his blocks. Not quite there yet, but you will be soon enough.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I'm already thinking about all the cute Christmas attire for you!!! Girl clothes are just too cute! And this year you get to be a part of our Christmas picture! That may not mean much to you, but I'm very excited to add my sweet girl to the will be our first family photo and mommy is excited!

We love you so much baby girl and thank God for you everyday...what a blessing you are to our family!

Happy 31st Birthday Daddy!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 week beauty

Giana these weeks are passing quickly and we're already at week 10! Is it possible that you get more beautiful everyday??? You are such a sweet baby, you smile tons, you coo, and those eyes of yours follow mommy everywhere I go :)

The new formula has made a world of difference in you! You are so much more content, you use the bathroom much easier, and your naps are better. Your tiny little tummy must have really been hurting you, poor baby. You still love to be held and talked to, but really what baby doesn't?

At 10 weeks you have began to sleep through the night(WOW!). You've been going to bed at around 10:30 and sleeping until 6am. You wake up for a bottle, then go back to bed until around 9ish. You have done this 2 nights in a row. Last night you woke up at 4am, but that's still EXCELLENT in my book! You consistently roll over (you started this at around 9 weeks), which makes "tummy time" a challenge, hah!

We love our baby girl so very much!!! And you adore us too! If you're upset, Gavin can come over to you and talk and you get calm sweet is that?!

Here are a few pics from my phone (not the best quality) but pretty precious!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 Month Well Visit

Giana, you had your 2 month well visit today! And with that well visit, came your first set of vaccinations :(. Mommy was not aware of this, for some reason, I thought vaccines where at 3 months...but I think you knew all along that this visit wasn't going to be fun. As soon as I took your clothes off so the nurse could weigh you, you started crying...and from that moment on, you never stopped! You are one smart cookie!!!

Your 2 month stats:

Length: 21.75 inches, 25th Percentile

Weight: 10.10 lbs. 41st Percentile

Head Circumference: 14.50 inches, 8th Percentile (you get that tiny head from daddy)

The vaccines you received today were: Hepatitis B, Polio, Hib, Pneumococcal, and Rotavirus.

Dr. B also wants to start you on a new formula. Because you were somewhat fussy and your skin was a little dry in places, and because you had the tiniest speck of blood in your stool (which only a mother that observes the poo closely would have seen, lol)we are trying out Enfamil Nutramigen. This formula is for babies who may have a cow's milk protein allergy. Are we certain that you have this allergy? No. But it may be a little easier for you to digest. You definitely are not a "colicy" baby, but you do like to be held most of the day (to prevent crying). So, we are going to give this a try to see if goes over better with your digestive track :). Mommy and daddy think you are a wee bit spoiled, but Dr. B says he's not ready to say that you are spoiled just yet :). And so far, he has proven to be an excellent pediatrician, so for now, we'll do what he says, hah!

After the visit, we went to Apple Bee's to eat, a quick trip to Orange Leaf (a treat for mommy!) and Wal-Mart to get some infant's tylenol for your vaccines. Then home it was! We had planned on doing a little shopping, but the day proved itself to be somewhat stressful. On the way to the doctor's visit, your brother threw-up 2 times, his clothes were covered...the car seat was covered...and it wasn't the most inviting scent either! Then we found out you had vaccines. So we decided to call it a day and head home early. You slept most of the afternoon and mommy and Gav were able to squeeze in a quick nap!

And this is how we ended the day! I have a feeling you two will be the best of friends :).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Werewolf and Punkin' 2011

My little spooks...2011. How adorable are they???? Oh, I could just eat you two up! Happy Halloween!!!

Trick-or-Treat 2011

This year we went trick-or-treating a week in advance at a park nearby. I was so glad that the campgrounds was hosting this early, because daddy will be gone to a training for the next 3 weeks (TEARS!!!). So, daddy was able to go with us, which made it even more special :). I loved the feel of the fallish and halloweeny...I know that's not a word but that's exactly what it was! There were decorations everywhere and tons of little kids walking around decked out in their costumes. We had a great time and did an excellent job, you said "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" every time. And I must say, you were the cutest little monster there!!! We love you baby boy!