Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Big Things :) and lots of Pics!

(Check out Gavin's face, hah!)

Just a couple things I want to take note of....

Gavin David, last night, you slept without your diaper for the first time...and guess what?! No accidents! You have been potty trained for almost 2 months now, but we always put on diapers for nap and bedtime...not anymore though!!! Such a big boy! Mommy loves you...sooo much!

Giana Carson, you had your first real food on Dec. 27th at 4 months old, you had oatmeal! The first day you didn't get much in your mouth (completely expected), day two we went a bit thicker, and by day three you ate it all!!! You still push some of the cereal out with your tongue, but if I get it in there just right, you swallow and do well. baby is already eating from a spoon. But I have to say, I am excited to introduce new foods to you, I hope you love them all!

And a few pictures...since I couldn't get them to work on the last post...

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