Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 weeks :)

Miss Giana, you are 12 weeks old today (11-12-11)!!! And we can't imagine what life was like without you, of course we felt that way as soon as we laid eyes on you!

You are such a sweet baby, laid back, relaxed, content :). You have grown so much already and your hair is beginning to get thicker too. Everyone thinks you look just like your big brother, except you sport the bows. And you wear them well my sweet, you're absolutely beautiful and that smile, oh it melts my heart every time.

You continue to drink Nutramigen formula, which has made a huge difference in how you feel, thank God we figured that out early on. You take 3 1/2 ounces every 3 hours, 4 ounces at night before bed, and 4 ounces the ONE time you wake up at night :). Your brother definitely drank more milk than you, but you refuse to take more than that small amount, your growing, your happy, so I'm trying not to stress to much.

You wear a size 1 diaper, 0-3 month clothes, and weigh a little over 11 lbs.

You are very much like Gavin in that, in the mornings when you wake up your are so smiley and happy! And you love to coo and try to talk, especially when mommy sings to you. I think you are trying to chime in. Your two fave songs are the ABC song (it was Gav's fave too) and Jesus Loves Me. Those get you singing every time!

You've been rolling over from your belly to your back for weeks now, but sometimes you just enjoy being on your tummy. You raise that tiny head of yours up like a pro...I think you're going to be an early crawler.

You love to observe're eyes follow the action...which is usually your brother! With that said....

You adore your brother, you love to watch him, and his voice calms you when you cry. And he loves you too! If you even start to cry, he tells me "Giana cry" and then wants me to pick you up. And he can't wait until you are big enough to play with him...just yesterday he wanted you to build with his blocks. Not quite there yet, but you will be soon enough.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I'm already thinking about all the cute Christmas attire for you!!! Girl clothes are just too cute! And this year you get to be a part of our Christmas picture! That may not mean much to you, but I'm very excited to add my sweet girl to the will be our first family photo and mommy is excited!

We love you so much baby girl and thank God for you everyday...what a blessing you are to our family!

Happy 31st Birthday Daddy!!!!

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