Friday, November 18, 2011

It's official!!!.......

Gavin David, you are POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been diaper free (except for nap time and bed time) for 2 or more weeks! WWHHOOP WHHOOP! I am so proud of my little boy, potty training has been one of the more difficult feats we had to conquer...mainly because when I was trying to potty train you this past summer, you just weren't ready yet! This time around, you have made it a breeze, praise GOD! One day, I just asked you..."Gavin, do you want to wear your diaper or big boy underwear today?" you answered "underwear" and we have been good since :))).

You use a training potty, I keep it in the room with us, where you do all your playing. At first, every time you went pee pee you got an M-M, and for poo poo you got a reece cup (bite size). This worked wonderfully! Now you go to the potty all by yourself, you don't even tell us you need to, you go, sit, and do your business, then tell us after you've finished.

Great job sweet boy, you have made mommy so happy and proud (and daddy too!)

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  1. Way to go GAVIN!! Can't wait to see you next week:) You just made your mommy's life a lot easier!