Monday, October 11, 2010

Here We Go Again!

It seems that it gets longer and longer between each blog update, but Gavin, I know you would much rather get to spend some quality time with your "mi-mi" than stare at my back as I type :). With that said, it was a must to post because it's been nearly a month! And a busy month at that!

Gavin, last week was your second trip to visit the Dominican are quite the little traveler! We spent an entire week with your abuelo and abuela and you had an amazing time! You visited their new cabin (which is actually more like a house), you spent the night with them while mi-mi and daddy went to a resort, and you visited with lots of family members.

I must say, your favorite part of the trip was definitely being at the cabin. It's in the mountains, just off of the river, and best of all, you ran around without your diaper most days ;-). You refer to any body of water as the "pool" and it was just adorable when you would look at the river, with a rushing current, anxious to jump in and play, because, hey mom, it's just a "pool"...nothing dangerous could happen! And that you did, of course daddy and abuelo where there to hold your hand.

Speaking of someone to be there to hold your one point, you really did JUMP in the POOL (the real pool) when no one was right there to catch you! Let's just say, your mama has never swam so fast!!! That moment explains you perfectly, you aren't afraid of anything and you love to explore. But, it's really not your fault that you don't realize danger, someones always there to catch you...and let's hope it's always that way!

Abuela says you are a little angel and that she thinks she may need to trade in your abuelo for you...he brings her stress and you relax her, hehe...she's only kidding though!

Nana and Pawpaw missed you terribly while we where gone, I don't know that I've ever seen my mom so excited and filled with joy as she was when she saw you come through the door.

While in DR, mommy celebrated my 28th birthday...your sweet daddy took me to a beautiful resort, Iberostar, in Puerto Plata to celebrate. It was almost like being on our honeymoon again, except this time around, all we talked about was YOU! Yep, one night away from our sweet boy was PLENTY!

And guess what's just around the corner...HALLOWEEN! We picked up your costume on Sunday and YOU LOOK ADORABLE in it!!! We'll leave it a surprise for now, but just before Halloween, there will be a blog to show just how precious you are!

Until next time!!!


  1. these pictures are beautiful!! I love the post-but totally understand why it's a month between updates now :)

    Love ya lindsay, hope to see you and your beautiful family soon!

  2. Beautiful Pictures and Beautiful Family! I bet both sets of Grandparents were beyond Joyed to see that little one walk through the door : )

  3. Oh wow. I'm more than a little jealous of your DR trip!!! :-) And I can't wait to see Gavin's costume. I know it's going to be awesome!!!