Friday, December 31, 2010

Gavin in....2010! (Recap)


Exactly one year ago, today. Our little curly headed boy all ready to go out for New Year's Eve dinner. You still couldn't walk...seems like just yesterday and forever ago, all in one.


11 months old and I could just eat you up in this photo! I struggled to get a picture of you on this still weren't walking, but you could crawl with the best of em''ve been on the move constantly since you realized you were "mobile".

Happy 1st Birthday to YOU!!!
Your 1st Birthday Party at the Vineyards Park in Naples, FL. You loved the cake and had a great afternoon at the park :).
We took a family trip to Miami, where you enjoyed your first boat ride at Bayside.


We traveled to KY, where we spent Easter. You loved the nice spring weather and playing with your plastic eggs!


Enjoying the warm spring weather that Florida has to offer in love the pool and your monkey too!


15 months old and all BOY! You love sports, basketball, baseball, golf, football...and you're good at all of the above!


Our Family Vacation to Panama City Beach, FL. You love the beach, the ocean, the waves. You are definitely our little Beach Baby...and aren't you a cute one?!

Not one single picture sweet boy...we moved to KY and this was a BEYOND busy month!


18 months old. Living in KY, mommy's back at work, 1 picture this month, it has been a whirlwind around here!


The most adorable pirate I've ever seen!

A trip to the Dominican Republic to see Abuela and Abuelo.


20 months old. Handsome. Growing up way too fast. But always my baby.


We spent Christmas in Naples with family, so we opened presents a little later this year. You were so much fun to watch!!! You ripped the paper off like a pro and the next morning, you were asking for more "presents". Uh-oh...can we say a wee-bit-smidge-sprinkle-teensy-weensy-tiny spoiled??? Nah...never :).

And a Merry Christmas!


  1. Awww. This is very cute! I cannot believe how quickly they grow. Gavin has had a wonderful and exciting year! :-)

  2. I love the pictures, watching Gavin grow through them is just precious. You guys have had a busy year. You are such a beautiful family full of such obvious love.