Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial weekend!

(Cousins) I'm finally posting some pictures and a short & sweet blog from Memorial Weekend :o).

(Tali and her "cousin")

Our family (Nelson's side) arrived Friday night-LATE- we stayed up and chatted until about 1am, Gavin slept the entire time, so we took advantage of the "adult" time :o). The next day we hung out by the pool, grilled out, and we ladies did a small amount of shopping.

(a kiss for baby!)

Seeing all of the kids together was very...hmm...a good adjective would be heart warming. It made me feel like we were even more of a family when I got to see Gavin and his adorable cousins interacting with e/o. There were several times when Nadia reached for Gavin's hand and it was just precious! They're only 4 months apart so I hope that they are close someday. And sweet Tali kept saying "Can I say hi to my cousin?". Nicolas even gave him a kiss---a caught it on camera, the sweetest part is that he didn't even know anyone was watching.

(Already bonding)

Tio Jorge was afraid to hold baby Gavin at first, but now that Gavin's grown he's adapted well and he held him several times! Tia Martha doesn't have any babies of her own yet, but she get's all the baby time she needs (for now) from her nephews and nieces! She just adores them.

(Tia and Baby G)

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Scott are so busy with their own 3 that it's hard to give Gav tons of attention, but Aunt Lisa did share a few of her kisses with him :o)).

We hung out at home all day Sunday, watching tv, chatting...relaxing. AND NANA and Aunt Patty finally made it here!!! It only took Nana around 2 hours to finally share Gavin with Aunt Patty (and that's no joke!). She held him and talked to him for almost 2 hours before Aunt Patty got her turn, lol. It's so wonderful to have them here not only for help, but to just spent time with...and I have to say, I do enjoy seeing others make over this little guy who is now my world!

(Nana's new love)

What's new with baby G? He officially is in a size 2 diaper as of today!!! He wasn't in a size 1 very long at all. And honestly, he's grown in the past 3 days that I've been back to work. I come home and he just looks chunkier and bigger and I can't believe how fast it's happening! It makes me appreciate the fact that I get to stay home with him after I finish up this next week and a half of work. I am blessed to have that option---and it's all thanks to my hard working husband---thanks babe, I couldn't ask for more than everything you are---the BEST! Mmm hmmm....back to Gav ;o). He holds his head up, smiles almost 24/7, blows bubbles galore, loves story time, almost sleeps through the night, trys to crawl when he's on his tummy, continues to enjoy bath time, and takes 6 to 6 1/2oz. of formula every 4-5 hours. He loves being outside and is really beginning to soak up his surroundings, he's interested in everything, and loves to be entertained (especially by his silly ole nana and aunt patty!!!).

(Let the spoiling begin!)

Until next time fellow bloggers!

Love and Hugs,


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  1. I love that pic of your mom and Gavin!! I love how the background is blurry....I'm so glad you had a good memorial weekend. It sounds like you had fun!