Sunday, May 31, 2009

These shoes are made for...nothing.


Okay, so Gavin can't walk yet, these shoes serve no purpose other than being ADORABLE! Friday evening, Gavin, myself, Nelson, Nana, and Aunt Patty went to Old Winter Garden for some eats and Gavin sported these lovely shoes for the first time. Yes, my baby is getting big...already wearing shoes! Usually I'm not really in to this look, but I could put a dress and bow on Gavin and I would think he looked nothing short of PERFECTO! So, I was very proud and excited to post pics of my baby G wearing shoes for the very first time...after all, this is yet another milestone ;o).

And shame on ME...he sported an adorable sailor outfit with a matching hat for church today and I failed to get one single picture! But I will be taking some of him in that outfit because it was so DARN CUTE! (Nana bought it for him!)

(relaxed Gavin)

And another milestone---Gavin just graduated from a level 1 Dr. Brown's nipple to a level 2! This is a big deal, because Gavin finished his bottle in about 10 minutes versus 20! WHOOPEE!!! He has also became a big fan of his rarely see him w/o a fist in his mouth...they're like his very own built in chew toy (that sounded like I was referring to him as a puppy, lol).

(Enjoying those hands by the pool!)

Last night, Gavin went to his first "adult" birthday party! Manu, a co-worker, celebrated her birthday at Margarittaville @ Universal City Walk, where we joined her for apps. A lot of the ladies I work with had never seen him, so he was the star of the party for the first 20 minutes or so, haha. He was a very good boy, no tears, no poops, no fussiness, just my little Angel that I always refer to him as.

That's all guys...until next time.

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