Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy's Day 09!

(Our First Mother's Day 2009)

(Kisses for my boy!)

(Gavin loves to be w/o clothes! )

Okay, I've been viewing everyone's Mother's Day now it's my turn! It has been a very relaxing and nice weekend in the Nolasco home. This entire weekend has been a big celebration of Mother's Day...and in my opinion we did it up nice! (Look out Father's Day!)

We began Saturday morning with a trip to the beach. We thought we would visit a new beach and I am so glad we did! We traveled 1 1/2 hours to Pine Island on the West Coast of Florida. It was beautiful! There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the water was clear and luke warm, and my sweet Gavin, well he was such a SWEET GAVIN! He really enjoyed lying under the umbrella on the beach. He just chewed on his hands and kicked his little feet (they never stop moving) and was wonderful! I got to get lots of sun and anytime Gavin did need anything, my dear sweet husband took care of it! (Except for the poopy diaper...we tag teamed that project, lol) After our day at the beach, we came home, had dinner out by the pool and continued our day of relaxation!

( My Inspiration...My Mommy--I am truly blessed with an amazing mother and friend)

What I received in the mail really put the icing on the cake that day...a beautiful Mother's Day letter from Gavin (aka NANA) and the necklace you see in this picture. It couldn't have been a more perfect gift---thank you so much Mommy, I will cherish the letter and necklace was so thoughtful and your time and effort is truly appreciated :o))). If only miss Nana could have delivered it in person (only 2 more weeks til you get here!!!).

(My necklace...isn't it beautiful???!!!!)

(The necklace again...with the letter in the background)

(The flowers and card from my honey pie)

And the weekend continues...Sunday morning I entered the kitchen to find a vase full of BEAUTIFUL Lilies and the sweetest of cards from the husband & Gavin. (Thank you so much honey, you're the best!) From there it was off to CHURCH! Yes, we attended again this week & we both enjoyed it so's an awesome feeling when you can look forward to church. After church, we headed home, fed baby G, then headed off to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Lunch was cheesecake here though (I've lost 2 more pounds this week! YAY! But still have a way to go). And this brings us up to the present...blogging away (while my angel sleeps).

(Enjoying being a MOM)

(Being lazy at it!)

I've posted several pictures today...this is not only for Gavin to look back on some day, but it's also for my mommy to enjoy. Here are lots of pics just for you mommy! I love you very much!

And I hope that all of you wonderful momma's out there have had a wonderful day celebrating what I feel is such a blessing and gift from God---being a Mommy! Here's to US!

(Below is the letter I was sent in the mail from Gavin (Nana)
This letter brought me so many smiles)

Mother’s Day 2009

Mom, I wanted to do something really special for you as this is my first Mother’s Day with you. I am so glad that while you were researching getting me the perfect bottle I happened to see an add about it being Mother’s Day. At first I kind of freaked out, I mean, you know, I don’t have a job, I can’t drive….What am I going to do?? Then I remembered what Dad and Papa said about Nana’s Purse. I got in touch with Nana and we worked out a deal. I really wanted for this first Mother’s Day gift from me to be something that I was able to get myself. I told Nana that I would visit during summers and Holiday’s and help her and Papa with anything that needed doing if she could pay for your first Mother’s Day Gift. I told Nana just how special you were and that even though she and Dad thought you worried too much about me, I happened to love the attention. The right bottle is important to me. Well, Nana thought I had a good ideal and told me she thought the responsible thing for me to do was to keep my end of the bargain and help her and Papa by being there for them. This is a win win situation. Mom, I know now how Dad feels about Abuela and I look forward to the many years ahead of being a Momma’s boy. Dad turned out well and I’m sure I will too. Let’s face it; a Mom is to be appreciated. I hope my little gift lets you know just how much I appreciate you.

Love, Gavin



  1. I am so glad you liked your gift. What would we do without cell phones, e-mail, and blogs. Sure does make being away from you guys a little easier. Can't wait to get there and love on my sweet little boy. Love you so much, my wonderful daughter and so happy that you now know the joy of motherhood.

  2. That little letter from "Gavin" was the cutest thing. I read it twice!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! You, Gavin, the BLOG--all of it!!! i LOVE it!!