Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Month Gal

Only 2 more months and we hit the 1 Year Mark! Doesn't seem possible, but I'm already planning the first birthday of my SECOND child--sheeeesh! At 10 months, Gia, you: * Have 3 teeth! Your 3rd tooth actually broke through the gum on your 10 month exactly. It's a top tooth :) * Size 3 diaper * We've bumped you up to a 12 month in pj's because you're getting just a wee bit too long for your 9 month ones. * Clothing size anywhere from 9-12 months. Size 3 shoe. * You weigh just over 18 lbs. (assumption since your 9 month app.) * You took 17 steps today!!Just 10 months old, wow!!!...all by your sweet self!!! I suspect that you will be walking by 11 months...we shall see. * You have began to eat table food (feeding yourself). So far, you've had toast, biscuits and gravy, pasta, and cooked carrots. Mommy gets SO VERY nervous about letting you eat real food, choking is a fear of mine. So you get the teeny tiniest bites. * You love all the little snacks for babies, the puffs, yogurt drops, and wagon wheels. You really like to eat...so far. * You have the funniest little personality, much like your daddy. You're so serious. And when we tickle you, it's like you don't want us to see you laugh, lol. You stick your hands in your mouth and fight it, hah! You do have a temper from time to time, it's a little high pitch squeal (you get that from me!), and when brother makes you mad, you let us know FAST! But with that said, you are a real sweetheart too and you continue to only want your momma :). * You go to sleep between 8:30-9 and generally sleep til around 7ish, then you wake up and are ready to come cuddle in bed with us. We let you, mainly because I feel like you're only little once, and it's pretty sweet to get to cuddle you for a couple hours! * You attempt to give "high fives" you don't give just one, it's multiple fives, haha. You make the funniest little snorting noise, often, my wittle piggie. You have the most precious smile, it's huge, and you scrunch up your nose, aw precious! * So far, you still enjoy car rides, you sleep, and sleep some more. This will hopefully come in handy when we go on vaca. I hope the flight has the same effect on you. * Oh my goodness, you have THE curliest hair...if we let it air dry, it's ringlets, so cute! * You had your first trip to the lake a few days ago, you really enjoyed the water and your float. You kicked your little feet and had a good time :). We love you so very much baby girl and are so very blessed that God made you so perfectly for us!

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