Friday, July 20, 2012

11 Month Baby

You are 11 months old now, just a few more weeks and you'll be 1. Crazy.
At 11 months You: * Walk like you've been doing it for years :) sometimes it's almost a run! * Have 4 bottles a day between 5-6 ounces. We've also started introducing whole milk. You do about 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole. * You only drink from an actual bottle for your morning and night time bottle, the other 2 are sippy cup. You seem to like the NUK Learner Cup. * Size 3 Diaper, 9-12 month clothes. You MAY weigh around 20-21 lbs. *maybe* * When asked for kisses, you are happy to share them>> you lean forward, mouth opened, sweetest thing! * You give high fives, multiple ones, it's never just one. :) * We're still working on, "Where's your nose?", to date, you've pointed once. Big moment though! * You laugh at your brother, you scream at your brother...really depends on how he is treating you at the moment. But you love him so! * You walk around the couch Rarely sitting & you always are carrying something...usually a ziplock bag, an empty water bottle, or ya never know, it could be a pair of Gavin's underwear that he's ripped off, lol! * You AND your brother follow mama EVERYWHERE I GO, like everywhere. Even when I need a moment's peace, I still love it. * You sleep in your crib at night, but absolutely detest taking naps in your just won't have it. So, I hold you and it's wonderful. * You eat anything and everything, let's hope this trend keeps on keeping on with you. And you prefer to feed yourself, it just tastes better that way ;). * You have the most beautiful little curls, they just stick up everywhere :) * So far, you have 3 teeth. 2 on bottom, 1 on top, but it appears that 1 more on top has broken through the gum and another top tooth is on it's way. * You love your paci, HAVE to have it. * You like the water and lately during baths you love to slap those hands and splash, splash, splash. * You still nap in the car easily. You really are a laid back baby, easily pleased and content. You are the sweetest little princess in our world, we love you so much and are so proud to call you ours! Happy 11 months baby girl!

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