Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday's Best

That's right, Gavin got up this morning, ready for church! He put on his "Sunday's Best" and decided to do a little standing (against the wall) so that mommy could take his picture! Nelson and I were very proud of how well he did standing all by his big boy self.

It has been a nice weekend, nothing too eventful, but pleasant. However, the new few weekends are jam packed with fun! We have some cousins that will be visiting this coming weekend, a birthday party in Naples the following weekend, and then my favorite....Nana is coming to visit the next weekend. Yep...Nana will be here for Halloween!!! And boy am I excited to share the photos of Gavin in his very first Halloween costume!

Our church service the past couple of weeks has been titled "Unmasked" Pastor John asked how God had revealed (or unmasked) himself to us this week. And I must say, everyday when I look at my sweet boy, God really does reveal himself and the miracle of Life. Everything about Gavin...every last curl on his head all the way down to those chubby's all a miracle and I am so blessed to SEE it, LIVE it, and most importantly KNOW it. It's a nice thought to end this blog does God reveal himself to you???

Oh, the joy this child brings me!!! Have a great week!!!


  1. How BIG he looks!!! Love the blog....God has revealed himself to me today by bringing us some sunshine (Thanks Lord) and letting me enjoy my two greatest blessings...Tim and TL all weekend long.

    Thank you Lord for our health, our families, a good job for Tim and our faith in YOU!

    Love this post Linds~

  2. He is SO CUTE! And I can't believe how big he looks standing up against that wall (esp the cream colored wall).

    CHPL has left for the time being. Thanks for making me smile and causing me to remember what all this is leading up to!

    Love your new background too!


  3. Is he standing?! I must say, Story was quite smitten with Gavin in his Sunday best. :-)

  4. he is so handsome!

    and i don't think it's creepy at all that you like my sister's haircut...haha...send me your email address and i will just email you some better pictures of it!