Sunday, October 4, 2009

7 and 27

That's right my baby boy is 7 months old today...and I will be 27 years old tomorrow! It's like too WOW's in one. I can't believe that my once newborn is now a 7 month or 196 days to be exact baby...and I am getting closer and closer to the big 3-0.

Not much has changed with Gavin since my last post. He is beginning to roll more and more everyday, making it much more difficult to change those diapers, he fights his night time sleep tooth and nail (but sleep always wins), still no teeth, but those gums are puffy and it should happen any day now. And of course, mommy and daddy love our little boy more 196 days in than we ever thought possible and I know that love will continue to grow and grow with every passing second.

We had a nice day in church this was Gav's first time of staying awake through the entire service and he did FANTASTIC! of my closest and oldest friends Tash came to visit with her husband Brant and daugher, Miss Brooke (who just happens to be the best dressed 4 year old I know!) We've had a nice day...talking, eating, and of course taking a few pics!

So happy 7 months baby boy and happy birthday to me, tomorrow!


  1. He is so cuddly.

    And congrats on turning 27!! Hope it's a wonderful year for you. :-)

  2. happy birthday to you--I have thought about you all day but I never got around to calling. I'm so glad Tashi got to come see you!! Love the pics of her and Gavin :o)