Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Poppa is 16 weeks Today!

!Mommy's Prince!

(He's a big boy now!)

(His sweet legs)

(my lil poppa)

I won't add much about what's going on with Gav til his 4 month checkup...just wanted to put some pics up.


But in case I forget to add it to my 4 month blog....Gavin now throws mini baby tantrums, lol! His newest thing is throwing his head back and squealing like a little piggie. It's actually quite funny, but I don't think laughter is the reaction he wants out of me. I guess I'm getting a preview of the years to come!!!! Nah...when he's old enough to understand (if this is still an issue) we will discuss this---but I hardly see how my **perfect little angel** could do anything wrong! ;o)

(His surprised face!!!)

(blowing a king size bubble)


  1. I love how chubby he's getting. And spit bubbles are the BEST!

  2. He is so cute! I can't believe I'm gonna have one too!

  3. He is growing!!! I love the chubbiness of him.... I laughed out loud when i scrolled down and seen him sitting up in that big 'ol bed my himself.... "King of the World" Ha!