Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Day in History...

I know this may seem weird to blog about...but I have hopes that as Gavin get's older he will not only look back on this blog to see all about himself as a child, but also to see events that took place. Up until now, nothing really "big" has happened (since his birth).

But today...Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" passed away.

I'm certain that even 16 years from now his music will be popular, played on the radio, occassionally on tv, and at some point Gavin will know who he is, and maybe even a chorus or two. What he won't remember is the day his death was confirmed on the news he lay sleeping in my arms. I guess I'm just shocked by this news...for some reason I'm always so stunned when a celebrity dies---they just seem untouchable. My mom and Kena put it well--> this is just like the announcement of Elvis Presley's death, but to my generation.

So, this may or may not be of any significance to Gavin someday, but it's a huge deal today, and I wanted to quickly mention it on his blog.

AND to end on a happy note...Gavin also ate oatmeal from a SPOON for the very first time's a photo:

I think he's wearing more than he actually ate, lol.


  1. I know...sad thing. He wasn't even that old.

    As for Gavin... the solid thing gets easier and better!

  2. Aww, Linds, this made me kind of emotional. :-( I'm so glad that you are documenting all of this for Gav. I'm so proud of him- he is such a big boy.

    You are going to laugh but this reminds me of when you fed me chocolate ice cream in Kara's high chair. hahah!! I'm cracking up right now. We were probably in the 6th or 7th grade. It is sad how fast time flies.