Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 09

(check out his onesie!)

(showing off his father's day cards)

We had a wonderful Father's Day Weekend (minus the fact that I wasn't with my daddy). We spent the weekend in Naples, so our plans for Sunday were a little off track, but it was a nice Sunday just the same. Let me begin by saying I didn't take my camera to Naples so....I didn't get any pics of our weekend or of Gavin and Nels on "FATHER'S DAY". But I did get a few shots that I am always happy to share!

(Gavin giving his daddy his first father's Day card)

Nelson is a wonderful husband, but on top of that, he is an Amazing father. He adores Gavin, talks to him, sings to him, plays with him. He ENJOYS him. Gavin is more than blessed to have a daddy like him & he will realize that more and more as he get's older. Nelson just said on the way home yesterday that he thinks it's so important to tell your children that you love them & that he will tell Gavin he loves him everyday, always. Isn't that sweet? And he is very true to that, Gavin hears I love you from his daddy NUMEROUS times a day.

(sportin his fathers day outfit...the shirt still has the tag on it, lol)

I told you about the gift that Gavin and Nana got for Nelson, but I wasn't really specific on what it was---BUT now I can be! It was a BOOK...yes, Nelson's very own personal book filled with photos of him and Gavin! We even got to add a few story lines to every page. And let me tell you! Nelson absolutely ADORES this book, he teared up when he read it, he showed it to everyone that came his way over the weekend....this was the gift of the year! Nana and Gavin did much better than myself---I just bought him a new outfit, lol. But I did play a big role in putting together the book (I took all the photos and worked with Nana for at least 2 hours online with this thing).

(book cover)

(back of book)

And what did we get Papa for Father's Day...a beautiful coffee mug with Gavin's picture and a sweet note from Gavin, myself, and Nelson. Which he also happened to love! No pics of that gift though...maybe in the future? And speaking of Papa---I just want to say, that I couldn't have asked for a better daddy. If I had a list of everything I would want a dad to be and checked each item off one by one...the final production of this list would be MY DAD. He's loving, dependable, can do ANYTHING, and even though he may seem like a tough guy sometimes, he's a big ole' teddy bear that adores me as much as I do him! So Happy Father's Day Daddy...I love you very much and can't wait to see you in LESS than a Month!

(me and my daddy)

(check out gav's expression!)

(me, daddy, and gav in my belly)

Yes! All my fellow Kentucky friends...we will be in KY in Less than a month! WOOOHOO!!! We fly out July 21st and head back to FL on July 26th. My family and friends finally get to meet my little angel! And I am MORE than excited!

So my little munchkin is getting's time to get off the computer and give little boy blue some attention ;o).

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