Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our little Getaway...

(not the best pic, but a family shot, nonetheless)

We had a very successful anniversary weekend; nice resort, great weather, and at the top of the list a WONDERFUL baby!!

(a visual of all that Gavin did over the weekend!)

The resort was beautiful...shame on me for not taking any pics! But it had a huge garden inside filled with palm trees and every kind of flower and plant you could think of! There were several nice restaurants, a bit too pricey, but hey it was our one year! The only downfall was that there was a MASSIVE cheerleading competition (COA) and every where you looked you saw a young girl with a high ponytail, tons of makeup, and the shortest of skirts, with the most fit bodies running around, lol. Sure made me feel good about myself ;o). But I remember those days of cheering very well and I too sported the short skirt; it's funny how age changes your thoughts on things...I'm not so in to cheerleading anymore, I really wasn't my senior year. But I've already decided that if I have a daughter and she wants to cheer I'll be the mom in the stands that you see standing up and cheering her on 100% of the way!

ANYWAY---->>>we mainly did a lot of hanging out by the pool. The weather was really nice and the baby boy just slept the entire time (in the shade of course). It was a very laid back, relaxing weekend. And it was nice to have the husband home for 3 full days straight without the interruptions of work.
( I had to share Gavin's mad face...we allowed him to get upset one time over the weekend, ;oP )

All I wanted for my anniversary was for Nelson to get up with the baby for one night and feed him so I could sleep. Yea, that wasn't so successful, but I do give him kudos for trying, God love his heart! Gavin slept from 11 until 3. That was his first time waking up, which was nice. While Nelson was preparing his bottle, I thought I would be nice and change his diaper really quick, then go back to dreamland...Not so much. In the middle of Gavin's feeding & my sleep, Nelson let's out the most terrifying gasp EVER. I literally thought Gavin had swallowed the nipple and was fighting for his life, lol. NO...just a little spit up, more like throw up. (I always call Nelson a "drama queen"). So, who jumps out of bed, grabs the baby, changes his clothes, & cleans up the mess??? That would be me, the sleeping queen, HA! But after that, Nelson took over...finished feeding him & got up with him again at 6. We even slept until almost 11 that morning, so all in all, Nelson was a great help!

Oh, Gavin is officially taking 5 oz. now! Hope I'm not overfeeding the little guy, but hey I have to give the boy what he wants, right??? AND I'm proud to say he is taking the paci...which is a MIRACLE worker when I need him to sleep or calm down! YAY!

Here we are eating our wedding cake...we both could only stomach one bite...it wasn't so good anymore :o(.

Until next time....


  1. I love his mad face. Story has a similar one. :-D

  2. love all the pics!!! I'm so glad you had a good time and at least tried to sleep!!