Friday, April 3, 2009


I debated on even blogging about such shallow, vain things as my appearance, but I think I might feel ***A LITTLE*** better if I share and maybe hear about others' experience with the issue.

I thank God for Gavin...he's worth every single ounce of fat, blubber, cellulite a milllion times over. BUT, at the same time, I am struggling with this new look I have going on! I know it has only been 4 weeks, but of the 40lbs. that I gained, I've only lost around 21lbs. and I feel like this last 21 is taking forever and a day to GO AWAY! I am honestly feeling really down about how I look and I know that is ridiculous. I have so many things to be grateful for, we have our health, wonderful family, friends, a home, food, etc. so why should I complain really? But as much as I try to fight it, I'm bothered. Have any of you been there? Felt this way? I'm trying to be positive, but when I go to the mall, pick out clothes to try on, put them on & have what they call a "muffin top" because even the bigger sizes aren't big enough, I get so discouraged. On top of that I'm very pale...which just doesn't work when you live in Florida...and my complexion is still a mess (this began with the pregnancy). So, now I'm complaining. I'll stop with that, because I sound so superficial, I guess I'm just trying to adjust to this new person I've become. Lord---be with me!

On a better note...we took our baby boy to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny today! We went to the Mall at Millenia, where they had a beautiful set-up. Gavin was a little angel and so darn cute! I'll try to scan the pic somehow and upload eventually. I was worried that he would cry, but they put him in the Easter Bunny's basket & he layed there so perfectly, he even smiled a few times. I don't want to brag too much (lol) but he did have a crowd :o).

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!!



  1. i know exactly where you're coming from! i wish i could give you some good advice on how to get the baby weight off, but i'm still caring it around =( on a positive note, you only have about 20 lbs to go so think of that as a small goal! You can definitely do it! Just remember your body is still trying to go back to normal itself after caring for a baby for 9 months! It will come in time! Good Luck!

  2. i read somewhere that "you should give your body the 9 months that it takes your body to get into the shape it's return to normal"

    i think that makes sense. so i'm trusting that advice. lol

  3. I know I know...kayla is right. It took a long time to put it on so give yourself about a year to take it off. I stressed too because I hate to wait on things and pounds don't come off instantly but it will.

    I would suggest not even trying on clothes right now??? This may sound like weird advice but I don't think I would for about three more months.

    In one way don't you feel so small though? haha. I remember in those first few weeks after that big ole belly was gone I would look at that blubber belly and still think man this looks good compared to what it used to be!! haha