Monday, April 6, 2009

Naples for the weekend...

It was wonderful to get out this weekend and even better...Gavin was such a good boy!!! He slept on the drive to and from Naples (a 3 1/2 hour drive) and he suffered through the Naples heat & humidity like a trooper!

When we first go there he was somewhat fussy, I didn't really know what to do, I had fed him, changed him and he had plenty of sleep. My sis-n-law is a RN and a mother of three so I was glad that she would get to spend some time with Gavin and help me figure out what the cries and fussiness was all about. Her observation and advice was very helpful...she told me to feed him MORE> so now we're up to 4 oz. sometimes a little more. But he's sleeping longer, crying less, & seems to be happier. I get so paranoid about feeding him too much though, because I've now had two spit up incidents that shot out the mouth and nose, which terrifies me even though he doesn't shed a tear! One month old, weighs 9lbs., and eats 4oz. of formula...does that sound about right? Let me know all you experienced mothers!!!

Anywho...just wanted to share a few pics from the weekend...I got a few sweet ones of Gavin and Nelson together :o).


  1. Every baby is different! I think Ava was a little older than a month when she started taking more than 4 oz. After taking more than usual though, I always kept her as still as possible during the time I burped her that way she was less likely to explode! haha
    Good Luck! Its so sweet hearing all your *new mommy* experiences!

  2. That sounds right on target...that or more! Tanner was eating 6 oz in no time! and yes we had those scary shoot out of your mouth incidents sometimes too. They can make you so afraid but I think it's worse on us than it is them!

    BTW--i'm lovin the mohawk!!