Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Matters

6 weeks and 4 days old!

Uhhh...Mondays, never fun. BUT what a nice weekend we had! Some of our family from Pensacola came down to meet baby G. Johnny, Miriam, and Melonie spent the weekend with us, arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday. Melonie is 2 years old and I was a little worried about how the weekend would pan out with 2 babies, but it went pretty smoothly!

We definitely had to keep a close watch on the two, but Melonie just loved Gavin. She brought me blankets to cover him with, the paci---she was quite the little helper. And what a little doll she is. I'm so bad about living in the moment and I didn't get that many pics of them together, but I have one to share taken just before they left. Aren't the just adorable???

(More cousin pics from another visit---Kalyn & Todre w/Gav)

I'm so glad that Gavin got to spend time with his family this weekend. Even though he doesn't realize that they are family, it's nice to get to share him with people that I know love him. It's hard living so far away from everyone. I feel like I have this beautiful little boy that I want to share with the world...especially those that are so dear to us, but because of the distance, I can't. Fortunately my mom and aunt will be coming down to visit in May to watch the baby while I go back to work for 2.5 weeks. And I can't wait! I can't wait for them to see what a precious little boy I have! And for him to get lots of love, hugs, and kisses from people other than Nelson and I. It's important to me, enough said.

Updates on Gavin...he is the happiest little boy in the mornings! He smiles, coo's, the whole shabang and it's just adorable! ALSO--he seems to be somewhat of a "sweater"! Most mornings his clothes are a little damp from sweating in the night; I swaddle him before bedtime and I cover him with a thin blanket, do I overdo it? I just don't want to think that he's cold, but then I don't want him to lay in his sweat either! Oh the end of the day, I would rather him be a little warm than cold. He is sleeping around 4 hours at a time now. But ALWAYS wakes up around 5 am and it's almost impossible to get him to go back to sleep. I think I've already started a bad habit of putting him in bed with us. But I'm just so exhausted at this hour and I'll do whatever I have to do to get a little shut eye! But this morning that didn't even work---he was awake every few minutes from 5 on it seemed. I can already tell that he wants to be included on everything, he's such a part of our little family already! He wants us to talk to him, follows us with his eyes if we walk by him, he has a little pretend cry to get attention, and he WANTS me to put him in bed with us in the mornings. I just love it! Oh! And just like baby Story...he's in a size 1 diaper now---our babies are growing up on us so fast :op!

Happy Monday to ALL! Have a wonderful week!


  1. I can't believe how much bigger that Gavin looks in these pictures! He's an absolute DOLL.

    I have been telling people that Story has a fake cry too!! Now I don't feel so silly. I'm telling you...little babies are smarter than we think. :-)

  2. I'm so glad your mom will be coming down soon!! You will probalby enjoy working a little....he is getting so big and cute. i can't wait to see you guys!!!!

  3. Don't feel bad about putting him in bed with you! Ava has slept with Chad & I since she was about 5 months. I actually suggest it and I love that she sleeps with us (for now)! Plus, I'm ALL about the idea of something (such as Gavin sleeping with you) working out better for Mommy & baby! Mommy gets more sleep because baby gets more sleep. Ava has actually slept anywhere from 8-11 hours a night since shes been sleeping with us... but of course I know a part of his schedule is due to feeding! Anyways, just a thought! haha