Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 Weeks today!

 little boy is 8 weeks old today! It's crazy that in just 2 months time you can become so attached to someone, that you can't imagine how you lived without them before. Gavin has became such a part of our little family, well, he's made us a family, but that's not what I'm trying to say. Let's see, how can I word this...I thought that in the first few months he would just be eating and sleeping most of the time, that he would be laying on his back, here but not here in personality...does that make sense? But he has such personality, he tries to talk to us, he laughs, he smiles, he coo's and goo's and POO's, lol (had to finish that with a rhyme). His eyes light up when he see's us, he just looks like he's thinking, ya know? He's more than a newborn, he's a little guy full of life and personality...he really does make us a FAMILY, our home a home full of joy, love, and warmth. And I truly do thank God for blessing us with HIM, our little Gavin David.

So what's going on with Mr. G these days---well, I'm having some bottle trouble! I started out with the Playtex Drop-ins. Yes, they are great bottles, don't make him gassy, don't cause any spit up...Gavin and the drop-ins mesh well together. BUT---I don't like that you have to buy bags everytime you run out & that you have to push the air our of the bags before each feeding and after each burp. SO, I thought I would try the Avent bottles. I happen to LOVE the bottles, they're so easy, I like the size, blah, blah, blah...but it's not really about me now is it! Gavin had been doing OK with the bottles, he had to get use to the quicker flow, but he had adjusted well until a couple of days ago. The last 2 days he has went from eating 6oz. to 4oz. What causes this??? Well, my expert opinion is that he is getting too much air, he's not burping enough and he THINKS he's full when he really hasn't had enough to eat. And he's been a little fussy too--maybe his stomach is hurting? It would be SOOOOO much easier if he would just SPEAK to me, but then again if he did that, I might die of a heart attack! So, this morning, I ran to Target to see if they had MEDIUM flow nipples for the Drop-Ins because the slow is a little too slow. Picture this...I roll out of bed, wearing Nelson's T-shirt, a pair of jogging pants, my hair wadded up in a bun and I head out the door to Target. One more minor detail...I didn't brush my teeth or wash my face or ANYTHING! (That's True Love, right!) So, I get to Target, they don't have medium flow nipples, don't even make them...only slow and fast. I look at all the bottles and they don't have exactly what I wanted to try (Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles), but they did have the regular ones, so I bought ONE Dr. Brown bottle. I haven't tried it yet, but at his next feeding I will be. I hate that it has all the extra parts, but if it works well for Gavin then I think I can take the extra time to wash a few pieces to a bottle.

BTW--my husband and mom think I'm going crazy, they both think I'm a worry wart and that I have spent way too much time thinking about this bottle situation. I look at it as I'm a very caring, concerned parent that wants nothing but the best for her baby & I think they need to get a new viewpoint on the issue! So, all my blogger friends---any of you that have fed with bottles, do you have a suggestion on what worked best for your baby? Please share.

(Proof that Nels thinks I'm coo-coo-->This was the note I found on my computer that Nelson left me while I was out of the room...notice the website I was visiting in the background, lol. He DOES still love me tho :op )

So I've posted a few new pics of Gavin. I wanted to edit them with CS3, but my computer is completely out of memory so I have to post them straight out of the camera. This is Gavin's Janie and Jack outfit (for any of you moms out there who haven't been to this store or website, you should go---especially if you have a girl, their clothes are pricey, but Beautiful!)

Wow--my blogs are a little long aren't they. Guess that's what happens when you are at home with a newborn all day and have NO adult conversations :o).

Until next time.....


  1. First of all, gavin is absolutely beautiful. I can't say it enough. I just want to cuddle with him.

    But as for the bottle situation, the bottle may have nothing to do with him eating less. I use the drop-ins too and Story STILL goes through these spells where she will eat less for a few days and then eat more again. I also asked her pediatrician about this and she said that it's perfectly normal for babies to go through eating spurts and even dry spells but as long as Gavin is peeing and pooping well, he's getting plenty of food.

    Story is currently going through one of those slow eating spells. She's only taking 4 oz. too when she has been taking 5.

    I would tell you to try not to worry but I know that's impossible. :-)

  2. i love this post and i love all the pics!! i think youre crazy to...jk! i drive myself nuts over the same stuff!

  3. I used the DropIns w/ Ava and hated having to buy them so often. One day when I was at WalMart buying them, a lady suggested that I start WASHING the DropIns and reusing them! I didn't always do it because that takes time too, ya know? lol BUT it was a great suggestion! I would use them atleast two more times when I did that!

  4. You are cracking me up over here! You ARE a worry wart! But... I do have a theory.... you say he is eating less with the fast flow, right? MAYBE since he is getting more with the fast flow, he is filling up quicker.... and then later realizes he wishes he had ate more???? Just a thought... babies do their own thing. That will be something you learn. I still learn that everyday with mine.

    Gavin is a little doll.... I have to see him and hold him soon!