Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ahhh...A day of ***REST***

I'm trying to stay true to what the Word says for today...Sunday's are a day of rest :o). husband is currently upstairs giving the baby a bath, dressing him...taking care of him & freeing up my arms for a little while! And it's so nice. And it's so sweet to watch the two of them together. Nelson is truly in love with him, this morning he was looking at him and said that he just wanted to cry (is that sweet or what?). And he did, he teared up. I'm so happy that even though change comes along with having a baby, Nelson has embraced it with open arms.

Last night was our first outing. We went to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I was somewhat worried at first, I was afraid Gavin would cry the entire time and that we would have to cut our dinner short to accomodate him. BUT Gavin was the little angel that I adore. He was quiet at first, just looking around. He began to get a little fussy, so I did something I never saw myself doing...I nursed in the booth at the restaurant! And it was easy, Gavin was content, we were able to eat, have good was needed. Nelson and I spend every waking hour together, have ever since I moved to be with him, but our lives now revolve around this new life, making it difficult to spend "quality" time together. Last night was good.

OH my! Nelson just brought Gavin downstairs...he put gel in his hair :oP. And was just given his very first (of many) mohawks! I love a mohawk on a little boy & I must say my son wears it well. Just adorable! I must share a photo!

So wait I have to post more----

Isn't he just precious???

and last one of the "mo"
***Lindsay and Gav****


  1. Linds- he is gorgeous! We enjoyed spending time with you via the webcam on Sunday. We are going to have to make a habit out of it. :-) So glad that you enjoyed your Sunday. I love love love his mohawk!

  2. Love the blog and congrats on breastfeeding publicly. Takes a little getting used to... but totally worth it. :-)