Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesdays Gone With The Wind

Almost 6:00 now & our day at home minus Nels has almost came to an end... We are outside by the pool now & sweet baby boy is napping on my chest. He likes the sound of the filters on the pool, sounds just like a running fountain. There is a nice breeze, the sky is overcast, and my chime is singing it's song, peaceful moment here, a very needed peaceful moment.

Gavin slept somewhat better today, but he has to be in mommy's arms to do so. I don't get the chance to do alot where my house work is concerned, but I was able to make Nels a sandwich for lunch, do the dishes, and brush my teeth...so I feel accomplished! (oh! and Gavin got a bath too!!) I'm lucky, Gavin actually loves bathtime, especially getting his hair washed, he gets that from mamma! Nothing better than a nice shampoo with a head massage mixed in!!!

I spoke with the lactation consultant today, she was very encouraging & told me that as long as the baby has gained weight that he is getting enough milk. I explained to her how fussy he gets & how he always seems hungry and she said that @ 2-3 weeks babies go through a growth spurt and they do want to eat more and become a little more irritable. I hope that's the case here!! She said to nurse him as often as he wanted, so it looks like New Jersey and New York officially belong to Gavin (I watched Here on Earth last night for any of you who have seen that movie or don't get the New Jersey/New York comment, lol). BTW...the movie is wonderful, but I don't recommend watching if you are mentally, physically, or emotionally exhausted, aka, you have a newborn...it's way too depressing!!!

Guess I've typed long enough with my one free hand, sorry if there are typo's!!!

I hope to get some pictures of Mr. Gavin David to post soon....until next time.

Lindsay & baby boy Gav

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  1. I am soo glad you're having a good time with your baby! I have to say I am jealous of you sitting by the pool....I can't WAIT for warmer weather.

    Take care of New York and New Jersey. haha. Glad BF is going better for you!