Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Your Typical Newborn!

Finally he naps! Today is the first day in the past 2 days that my little Gavin has slept during the day!!! The last few days, I've been lucky to get him to sleep for more than 2 hours ALL DAY LONG??? I think that somehow I've given birth to a baby that has the brain of a child that is a few months old! Is that possible? I guess not :oP, but if it were that would be the case here.

I'm still trying to adjust to all of these changes, as bad as it sounds, I didn't wash my hair for 3 days (I showered, but the hair...not so much). I am going through facebook withdrawals, I rarely get a chance to eat, and sleep is a word of the past. I've got to get some kind of schedule going here, any suggestions??? Yesterday both Gavin and I had a cry fest, we were both just boo-hooing, lol. I think we're both exhausted! It's really quite funny when I think of it now, but at the time I was stressed to no ends. And last night too...poor Nelson, he almost got knocked out with the "boppy" because I was soooo tired and Gavin wouldn't sleep, somehow the "boppy" went flying across the room and landed on the bed right next to him. So, I have a little problem with dealing with stress sometimes, any more suggestions??? (hehe)

The breastfeeding is going a little better, not quite as painful. Still a little uncomfortable, but thank God it's bearable. As I write this I'm drinking some kind of herbal tea that is "suppose" to help with lactation. I'll keep you posted on that one, keep your fingers crossed.

My little angel is laying next to me, in and out of sleep. Poor thing he had a rough night last I was changing his diaper, he had a little mishap. He started peeing and before I could cover him, it was on his chest, in his face, and his MOUTH. I felt so bad for him, he even coughed a little, like he choked on his very own pee. My poor baby. We got a bath immediately, some good ole' nursing time, and lots of hugs and kisses.

Oh! Gavin is spitting up almost every time he eats, both breast milk and that normal? I guess so. It's a small amount of spit up...guess that's a google-worthy question.

Happy Sunday.


  1. now you sound like a real mom~~haha. That sleepless day/night thing is TERRIBLE. But I'm a girl who likes to sleep. He will start taking naps don't worry. And the biggest thing is when he does you do too. No matter if the house gets clean or you do anything else that you need to! The bad thing is that Tanner has started getting up at night again. ouch. I am ready to go to mom's this week!!!

    Tanner spit up a lot at first too. It is normal I think unless theres a lot of it. cant wait to see you and your gorgeous little boy!

  2. Linds,

    I try to check up on your blog every couple of days to see how you guys are doing. I know how much you need your sleep, so I pray that this all gets easier for you. The thought of you and Gavin- all the way down in Florida- crying like babies makes me sad. Well, Gavin is a baby, but you get the point. I promise that if you lived at home still that I would be over there helping you all the time. :-( Too bad. . .

    Anyways, about Gavin's little mishap, I'm sure that it happens all the time with little boys. It would be so pitiful to witness though. God love him! Also, about him spitting up a lot, don't you remember Brooke spit up all the time. She actually had acid reflux, I'm sure you remember. You should ask Tash more about it.

    I'm going to go to bed- it is 3:28 a.m.
    Good night, love you!


    I have started to enjoy reading your post during my coffee time- so think of that when you write your next post. Just imagine Cat Curves Half Moon Marcum Isaacs reading your post all the way in Kentucky- our sweet Old Kentucky Home! :-)

  3. Lindsay, you sound so much like me! (Who would have thought???) I remember a time that I got so stressed with Carter constantly crying and not sleeping that SOMEHOW a pacifier just flew across the room and hit Bobby. Til this day, I'm not sure how that happened :)

    His sleeping will get better. I think Carter was about 5 months old before he settled down... don't let that discourage you... he did have colic, so hopefully little Gavin (or you) won't ever have to experience the wonderful world of colic.

    AND... about the peeing thing... this happened to both my boys... it was the most pitiful thing in the world, and I still tear up when I think about it. It's just to pitiful....

    Things will get better... and as Angel says... whether the house or the laundry is clean or not.... if Gavin naps.... YOU NAP!!!!
    Love you and miss you!