Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How does this "blog" business work???

So I'm new to the world of blogging, which is very obvious because my page is so darn BLAH! My dear friend Angel inspired me to join, her page looks OUTSTANDING and I plan on bugging her until I figure out how to perfect my own page!

Okay, so...I am a new mom, 13 days new actually. My son, Gavin, was born on March 04 2009 @ 12:20 am. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and my husband and I both are so in love with him! I am so thankful that God blessed us with a healthy little boy, what more could you ask for really? The sad part...my family lives in KY, my friends live in KY, I, however, DO NOT. I left my heart in Florida the day I met my husband & in order to get it back and keep it, I left my home sweet home to be with the love of my life. It has definitely been more than worth it, but I won't lie, there are times that I cry, I get angry, I get down, I feel every emotion known to mankind because I miss my home so much. But now I have my own family and I guess it's time to get tough and deal with the fact that I may not be making my way back to my old kentucky home (tear).

And wow! Motherhood, oh! No words describe it! How can you love someone so much? Someone that drains every ounce of energy out of you, who needs constant attention and care, and who is slowly killing me (or my breast I might say). Sorry if that's too much information. But it's TRUE! The pain of breastfeeding is almost unbearable for me! For all of you that read this, please pray that I get stronger and it get's better, PLEASE! It is such a bonding experience, it's time that only my son and I can share together, but the last few days have been very difficult and I hope to overcome this little bump in the breastfeeding road, lol!

So, anyway, I'm doing this blog so that my family and friends can keep up with me and mine (if they choose to), and I hope to get to know more first time and experienced moms that can offer me advice, share stories of their little ones, and maybe even befriend me.

Good news for today-------My baby lost his umbilical cord!!!! I was just speaking to my friend Angel about this earlier today & what do ya know....day 13 and it's off! Whooopeeee! (The things you get excited about when you have a baby, right?)

Time to go check on my little one...he is all bundled up in Nana's arms right now :o).



  1. I'm sooo glad you made a blog. I am the first happy follower of you, Nelson and little Gavin David!

    I really hope BF get's better for you. Yes, motherhood is an awesome feeling and I am glad you are sharing it!

  2. Hi Lindsay!

    I just found your blog through Angel—welcome to motherhood! Gavin is too cute :)

    I'm also a new first-time mommy; my LO, Logan, is almost five months already!!! I have nooo idea where the time goes.

    Anyway! Look forward to following along with your sweet little fame :)