Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just me and the little fam...

Today is the Nolasco family's first official day in our home all by ourselves. My parents left yesterday morning and I have to say I already miss them!!! I told my mom the day before they left, "it is just too bad that you don't live across the street from me"...and then after a brief pause, I had to rephrase that...."no, it's too bad that I don't live across the street from you!" Guess I'm living in a dream world though!!! They both were a huge help, great company, and I am so thankful that they were able to stay as long as they did; almost 4 weeks!

Nelson and I took Gavin to his 2nd pediatrician appointment yesterday. His weight hasn't changed since last week, he is still at 7lbs. 4oz. And his length is still 20 inches. His head, however, has grown just a weeee bit. At first I was concerned that he hadn't gained any weight, but Dr. Crum reassured me that as long as they were back to their birth weight by week 2 that was great (and he is actually over). She said he was the best baby she had seen all week; the boy is already making his mamma proud :oP!

Today it has been just Gavin and I. He was awake from 9 until 12, which is a lot longer than he usually is. We played with some toys, talked, rocked, and even hummed a few songs during this time. Finally he sleeps. He's laying on the couch just to the left of me right now and will make a grunting sound from time to time (he does that just to let ME know that he is okay, hehe).

I have been so terrible about calling people since Gavin has been born! So, now that everyone is gone, I plan to call my dear sweet friends and family that I have so horribly neglected. But I may take a nap first!

That's all for today. xoxo


  1. I'm glad you had a good day...I worried about you afraid you would cry because you missed your mama. April said she stopped by the bank and showed off some cute pictures!

    So happy for you and your little family:o)

  2. Well.... this dear sweet friend is still awaiting a phone call........LOL