Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We have been enjoying some crazy warm MARCH weather the last couple of weeks. No complaining the sunshine and warm air. We've also been spending lots of time outside. Gavin you love being outdoors, running through the yard, climbing the fence, scaring the cows, playing with tree're not so fond of the bees and wasps, but that's my fault. Mommy is terrified of bees and wasps...and why shouldn't I be? They sting! So, naturally when I see a bee, I scream, run, dunk, dip, squirm, hah! do too! That's the only downfall to outdoors, but with that said, those bees do us a lot of good too, so I won't complain or hate too much!

So enough of that...what's with the title? Today, we dug worms and went fishing! Daddy, you, papaw, and even me! Nana sat with Gia bug under a shade tree :). Unfortunately, daddy and I didn't catch a thing...but papaw definitely had the lucky fishing pole because he kept reeling them in...with YOUR help. Yep, Gav, you reeled in 3 fish, petted them, rubbed them, poked their eyeballs, squeezed them, and even gave one a kiss! You loved every last second of it and kept calling them Nemo and Marlin, hah! You weren't too keen on throwing them back in the water, but you always did.

We had a great family outdoors day, so thankful for this beautiful weather and my sweet family!

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