Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 month Sweety!

My sweet little baby girl is 7 months old (as of yesterday)! In just 5 short months you will be a year old!

Not many changes since your 6 month stat post. You are still trying to attempt crawling, but not yet! We're just waiting on that big milestone! And with that will come a watchful eye for Gavin's tiny little toys and vacuuming almost daily...but we are ready when you are sweet baby.

We've been taking you outside in this beautiful March weather the last few days and you really enjoy it. You love to sit in the grass, pull it up, and take it straight to your mouth. Mommy interferes with that whole process somewhat, because though I give in to you on most things, I just can't allow you to eat grass, hah!

I'm pretty sure you're going to be a blonde at some point this summer...who would have thought it? But, your hair is already lightening somewhat and your sweet little face has somehow managed to get some sun on it (even though we keep you in the shade). You are going to be as brown as a little biscuit this summer!

Everyday daddy looks at you and says, "Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful" with a huge proud smile on his face. And that you are my little flower, but you are just as sweet as you are gorgeous! God blessed us with our perfect little girl and we couldn't possibly love you more!

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  1. Giana-you are getting so big already! And I think your little looks are changing-you and your brother are both gorg:)

    I'm so thankful for this warm weather. We've been outside every day this week too. I think it does me as much good as it does the kids. Sunshine is good for the soul!

    Pull up some grass for me tommorow. And while your mommy isn't looking EAT IT! lol