Monday, March 12, 2012

Go Fly a Kite!

The title is misleading, huh? Yes, Gavin there are times when you test my nerves to the M-A-X, but I haven't told you to go fly a kite...yet :). Ha! Actually my son, even when you've taken one too many toys from your sister, said "that's mine" one too many times, screamed "I don't wike you" to the one who carried you in my stomach for 9 months and "grew" you, I still predict that I will never tell you to go fly a kite, because bottome line______ I just adore you!

And your sweet daddy does too...he called from work today and was excited to tell you that when he got home, the two of you where going outside to fly a kite. And evidence proves...that you DID! Your first time flying a kite and you LOVED it...and where quite good at it!

Love you sweetness!

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