Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pearls :)

Gia Carson, you had your 6 month appointment today and we did something a little extra. We'll share that later.

Your stats at 6 months...(technically you are 6 1/2)

Weight- 15.11 (28th Percentile)
Height- 26.25 (50th Percentile)
Head Cir- 16.5 (22nd Percentile)

Everything looked well in that are a petite little flower, but perfect just the same! You also had vaccinations today--those are no fun...and no fun to talk about! You shed some tears, your big brother threatened to kick the doctor, mommy held you close, you were okay.

At 6 months you sit up perfectly (have been for a while now), you can get up on all fours, you swing yourself back and forth---but no crawling just yet (you do think about it tho!). You do scoot yourself backwards sometimes and you can move yourself around, you just don't travel far. You growl--A LOT! A LOT! It's the funniest thing, you stiffen your arms straight out, straighten those legs, and RAWWWR! So scary! :)

You get more and more attached to me by the minute, but that's just fine, wouldn't have it any other way! You like to give daddy kisses--you open your mouth big and wide, precious!

Gavin isn't a fan of sharing his toys with you these days. He takes everything away from you and you have learned to scream and squeal to make sure it's known that brother is messing with you in a not good way! We're working on that one.

You still wear a size 2 diaper. You can wear anywhere from 3-6 months to 6-9 months clothing, it really just depends on the style and brand.

You have 4-5 6oz. bottles a day. You eat 3 meals a day...oatmeal and fruit in the a.m., then a veggie or fruit for lunch, and a veggie or fruit for dinner. You love love applesauce, that is currently your fave.

You must be teething, because you are one little drooly girl! But no tooth just yet.

Your hair is getting curly, just like your brother's did. You both look very much alike, except your hair is may end up being a blonde for a bit!

You have a bath in the sink everynight. You LOVE bath's. And you're beginning to be a little splasher!

I'm still waiting on those sweet words "Ma-ma" but I'm sure in good time you'll say it. "Da-da" is your word of choice right now :).

You love to chew on your hands and fist...everything goes to the mouth!

You have the sweetest demeanor about you. You seem so serious to strangers, but as soon as you warm up you smile, laugh, talk. Your just perfect. My sweet, delicate, little flower!

And what did we do that was extra exciting today>???? You got your EARS PIERCED!!! This was daddy's idea, I struggled with it somewhat. Your pediatrician did a perfect's so very adorable on you! You DID shed a few tears and were fussy for a few minutes after, but you are completely happy now and I'm glad we did it! You are too :).

Love you sweet girl, you are mommy and daddy's world (along with your sweet brother). We are so very blessed to call you ours'!

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  1. Giana I LOVE your little pearls!! I'm so glad your mommy gave in and did this because it's adorable.

    I can't wait to play with you all again soon. We need to plan our trip to GWL!!